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Quinten Richardson Lands In Miami, After his fourth Trade This Summer

Sports Betting News - August 14th, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

NBA shooting guard Quinten Richardson, was traded again this off season, this time he landed in sunny Miami beach, and a chance to play with all-star guard Dwayne Wade. Dwayne Wade and Quinten Richardson have spent the last couple of off seasons training together, and now they will get a chance to play a full season on the same team. This was the fourth time Richardson was traded in the last two months, and it will likely be his last. Richardson played with the New York Knicks the last 4 years, but was traded to the Memphis Grizzles on draft night, than traded to the Clippers a few weeks later, and than traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves. His most recent trade came to the Miami Heat, when Heat President Pat Riley, traded Center Marcus Blunt to Minnesota for Quinten Richardson.

ESPN reports Pat Riley said this after confirmation of the trade "We are very excited to add Quentin Richardson," Riley added "Over the course of his career, he has proven to be a fierce competitor, a great locker room presence and a very prolific 3-point shooter who may be one of the strongest perimeter players in the NBA. We feel that he will be able to match-up well against the top scorers in the league." ESPN also reports Dwayne Wade up dated his Twitter page with comments on the trade, "Who would of ever thought we would play 2gether. Let's get it,"

The trade helps the Miami Heat franchise in an array of different forms. For starters, Richardson can play both the shooting guard and small forward position, as well as add a three point shooter to a team, that struggled behind the arc last season. The plan was to start Michael Beasley at small forward, but this trade suggest Richardson might get the opportunity to start at that position. Either way the Heat needed to add depth to the bench, and especially at the guard and small forward position. Marcus Blunt who was traded away, was one of four centers on the team, and scheduled to make $7.9 million this year. Richardson is only scheduled to make $9 million this year, so the trade worked in all aspects for the Heat franchise that is desperately trying to please Dwayne wade.

Quinten Richardson's contract will end after this season, and this trade was made to free up even more money for the 2010 free agency class. The Heat now have Jermaine O'Neal in this last year of his contract, Quinten Richardson in the last year of his contract, as well as Chris Quinn. The absence of these three contracts will free up over $ 25 million in salary cap for the Miami Heat in 2010. For now however, the Heat are looking to return to the elite status of the NBA, and Richardson is a solid player off the bench for the young Miami Heat basketball team. Beasley is still the starting Small Forward on the depth chart, but the preseason has not yet started for the NBA. Pat Riley, and the Miami Heat are still looking to improve the team through free agency acquisitions and trades this off season.

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