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Predictions Out on Emmy Nominations

Sports Betting News - August 11th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

The past few years we have seen a tremendous growth in new series and this years Emmy nominations for the best comedy series will be a race to the finish. While Americans enjoy the dramatic feel they get from watching a reality show or a drama series but its the laughs that make most people look forward to a night in front of the television. This year was set to be a tough category for sure with so many new shows to hit the list for best comedy series. The ones that we have grown to love such as the office, were sure to make it into a favorites category, but its the new comers that have made such a impact on certain nights of television. It was no surprise to see nominee 30 Rock hit the top of the list and making this a possible third year running win.

First time nominees "Family Guy", "Flight of The Conchords", "How I Met Your Mother", and "Weeds" , are the ones to watch this season. Each shows attracts all sorts of audiences and brings a different display of comedy to viewers. Neil Patrick Harris has come a long way from his earlier years on "Doogie Howser", and keeps the comedy fresh and entertaining each and every episode, which is one of the many reasons this show has been as successful enough to make it on the list of nominees for Best Comedy Series. All of these amazing actors and actresses make us laugh week after week and each series should be proud to be acknowledged for their talent.

DSI Sportsbook recognizes these series and gives you all the best lines and odds as who to who will win this category.

30 Rock         -160
The Office       +200
Family Guy     +225
Entourage       +350
Weeds           +250
Flight of the Conchords +400            
How I Met Your Mother  +500

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