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NCAA Bans Title Games In States With Legal Sports Betting

Sports Betting News - August 11th, 2009 - Written by Mike

Last Thursday the NCAA approved a policy that would forbid any state that had single game betting from hosting any NCAA championship tournaments or games. This would include Delaware and any other states trying to pass single game betting. This does not included states that allow parlay bets, lottery tickets, pull tabs and sport pools. This has been approved by the chancellors and the presidents from all three NCAA divisions.

They are saying it relates to "any session of a NCAA championship." The NCAA is against any sports wagering as they feel betting would threaten the integrity of the games or jeopardizes the welfare of the athletic community and the student athletes. They are worried about the chances for student athletes to accept money to play below their top potential or help throw games. The NCAA is worried about this because they do not allow student athletes to receive money for playing within the league. The NCAA rules have also put a ban on any advertisement of any organizations that promote gambling.

In 1992 congress banned sports betting while Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon were grandfathered in because they already had sports betting schemes in place before the law was passed.

The move to ban NCAA Championships in states with single game sports betting was enacted just one day after the NCAA and pro leagues were denied by a federal judge when the NCAA tried to halt Delaware's planned sports betting lottery until the court battle were to take place. Delaware and Montana have already voiced their unhappy opinion on this subject.

This is not the first time the NCAA has put their foot down on something, all the while using the championships as the gambit. In 2001 the governing body banned the hosting of post season games for South Carolina and Mississippi because they had Confederate images on the statehouse grounds.

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