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Lingerie League Set To Debut, Adds Another Night of Football

Sports Betting News - August 27th, 2009 - Written by Glen

lingerie bowlThe Lingerie Bowl originally aired in 2004 as a pay-per-view half-time show that would run concurrently with the Super Bowl half time show. This gave football fans an opportunity to keep watching football throughout the downtime, but with a twist. A beautiful twist. A twist that would later manifest into an entire league. Instead of watching a washed up musician, you could have watched 14 beautiful girls playing a game of gridiron on a fifty yard field. The Lingerie Football League was thus created, and every Friday from September 4th will have an LFL game, culminating in the Lingerie Bowl in February.

The game will not coincide with NFL match ups, but it does give you another opportunity to enjoy the gridiron, though with arguably more appealing players, each week. The league will consist of ten teams, each with fourteen beautifully active women, as well as six sexy second strings. The fifty long, thirty wide field will not allow field goals or punts, so the girls will be slamming each other all night until touchdowns are made. Sadly the game will only last for more or less an hour, as the halves are both fifteen minutes.

The teams consist primarily of models with athletic backgrounds, and each of the ladies are physically conditioned - expect to see some six packs, and I don't mean beer. Girls of Hooters, Playboy, and Maxim's Hometown Hotties finalists will all be on this field, so the visual intoxication should never run short. The girls will be coached by ex-NFL players and coaches alike, usually from the area that the team is from. Even if the football is bad, which it shouldn't be, the girls will invariably bring most men back to the television or their computers (not what you're thinking) to watch another episode. The games will be featured over the Internet, though television coverage will probably not be available. There was an NBC logo on their homepage, but the schedule said nothing about time or channel.

Regardless of what you are watching for - the girls or the game, this should prove to be a provoking endeavor, and maybe a great way to unwind through on a Friday night with a beer in hand. And what to do when your significant other walks in and asks what you are watching? Tell her it is good old American football.

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