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Gold Medalist Phelps involved in Car Crash

Sports Betting News - August 14th, 2009 - Written by Glen

Michael Phelps, 14 time Olympic Gold Medal winning swimmer, was recently involved in a car crash. The accident took place last Thursday whilst Phelps was cruising in his Cadillac Escalade. A Honda Accord reportedly ran a red light, causing an impact between the swimmer's vehicle and her own. The woman remains unnamed by the Baltimore Police.

Phelps and his two passengers were not injured in the accident, though the woman was reported to have been brought to a near by hospital. She was treated for minor injuries, including a damaged arm and neck injury. She was released that same night, and while shaken up, has incurred no permanent damage. Phelps was briefly questioned, but ultimately released with his companions.

No foul play was reported, and police stated that Phelps was not presented to any sobriety tests. Officer Guglielmi told the Baltimore Sun that "He [Phelps] was completely coherent." There was apparently "no need" for a Breathalyzer test. Phelps had pleaded guilty to a DWI in 2004, thus bringing a record to the table - despite this, he was not questioned, detained, or tested.

No official report has yet to be released, though the situation is just developing. It is unclear whether the woman was charged with anything beyond the standard, though early reports suggest that she was faulted for the accident. Phelps ended up leaving with a friend, bringing his cohorts with him. No further information is available at this time.

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