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Future Odds Out On the Lingerie Football League

Sports Betting News - August 28th, 2009 - Written by Glen

lingerie leagueThe Lingerie Football League is making the switch from a half-time showing only to an entire season's worth of gridiron featuring hot babes and short game football. The LFL Bowl is set for February, and the months prior will feature ten teams of some of the most gorgeous athletes in the world. Teams range from New York to California, and each one is sexier than the last. BetUS has odds posted for both conferences as well as the LFL Bowl alike.

The LFL East has five teams. The Philadelphia Passion, Chicago Bliss, Tampa Breeze, Miami Caliente, and the New York Majesty make up the LFL Eastern Conference. The season starts Friday, September 4th, and as of now the Philadelphia Passion has the favored odds. BetUS has them listed with a +150, with the Chicago Bliss right on their heels with +175. The Tampa Breeze trail behind them with +350 odds. The Miami Caliente, while as hot as the next team, has only a +400 odds. Amongst the Eastern Conference's members include ex-military, models, and Hooter's girls.

The Western Conference also has five teams. The LFL West has the sport's headliner team, the Dallas Desires. They are planted at +125 odds, and they are the favorite. The Denver Dream is right behind them, those lovely yet powerful girls, and they rest with +250 odds. The next closest competition is the seductive Seattle Mist, and they rank at +300. The Los Angeles Temptation, and believe us it is tempting, rest with +400. Finally, the San Deigo Seduction - last but not least, they hold +600 odds for the future bet.

The power rankings hold the Dallas Desire as the first choice for the Lingerie Bowl. The Desire has +350 odds, with the Philadelphia Passion their closest competition at +400. The Dreams and the Bliss are tied for +500, and they have equal chance for the Bowl. The Mist stand behind them, running with +600. With odds as tempting as the girls, the Los Angeles Temptation run with +700 on the ticket. The Seduction carry less then seductive odds, as they are an underdog with +800. The Florida Teams, Tampa and Miami, both sit with +1000 on their future money line. Finally, we have the New York Majesty. While New York has one of the best teams in the NFL, their girls may not be able to stand up to the competition. Their +1200 odds are the best payer, but also the least chance.

BetUS is currently offering a $250 dollar bonus, so if you have yet to open an account, why not get involved with the girls and place some wagers on their future events. If you don't have a reason already to watch fourteen girls slamming each other, then the chance for financial game should give that final push over the edge.

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