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Federer and Nadal May Meet in 2009 US Open Finals

Sports Betting News - August 27th, 2009 - Written by Glen

federer vs nadalFuture bets are up and ready for the ATP's 2009 US Open. Both the Men's and Women's games have set the odds fairly standard, with the big names to the respective gender's ready to roll. Federer and Nadal dominate the Men's odds, while the sisters Serena hold the rights to their respective odds.

With some luck, the 2009 Men's US Open will have Federer and Nadal squaring off in the Final for their first time ever. They are both the current favorites in the sportsbooks, with the rest of the field sporting much higher odds than both the Swede and the Spaniard. Tennis fans around the world hope for a Federer-Nadal showdown, and following the odds points in this direction.

Federer is the favorite by far, sporting odds of +110 according to the popular sportsbook BetUS. While Nadal has won his fair share of Grand Slam tournaments, he has recently slipped into the 3rd seed, putting his odds at +450. Andrew Murray actually surpassed Nadal in his current odds, with Murray facing a +250 to win. Their closest competition includes Juan Martin Del Potro, Andy Roddick, and Novak Djokovic, who both have odds set at +800. Behind them, the closest competitor to win is Jo Wilfried Tsonga, who's odds stay firmly with +2500. The rest of the field has odds varying from +5000 to as high as +20000.

Federer is on the track to win his sixth consecutive US Open Championship, though with Nadal potentially running to the last bracket, he may find his quest for glory cut to an abrupt end. Federer could very well be the first man since the '20's to win six straight Championships, and he will start against Devin Britton, an 18 year old who won the NCAA singles championship.

Nadal battles Richard Gasquet for his first competition. Gasquet has been off the circuit for nearly three months, as he had tested positive for illicit drugs. This led to his suspension, and the time off could have either allowed for more training or led to a dwindling skill. Either way, the first match up is bound to be exciting.

Due to seeding, the Sisters will not be able to face one another in the finals. Serena is planted at +175 to win, while Venus hangs in at +400. Their clashes are always epic, and it truly is a shame we will not see them in the Finals. Maria Sharapova stands at +700 for the win, and she is the closest competition for Venus and Serena. Elena Dementieva has been coming close to the Finals over the year, and her odds are set at +750. Victoria Azarenka is another hopeful, with odds that rest at +900. The remaining players run between +2500 and well over +9000, stopping at +15000.

By now the preliminary match ups have begun, so get your bets in before the Futures are no longer available.

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