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Chula Vista Park View Takes 2009 Little League World Series

Sports Betting News - August 31st, 2009 - Written by Glen

little league world seriesSixteen teams from around the world, comprised of boys eleven to thirteen, all met in the United States for the Little League World Series. Only one team would emerge the victor, and that that happened to be California's own Chula Vista Blue Bombers. This was the first time a California team had won since 1993, and they beat the Taoyuan, Taiwan team with 6-3.

The last five Little League World Series victories belong to the United States, and this is the first for the San Diego area since 1961. The Bombers were down in the beginning, but through perseverance, ability, and sportsmanship gave the Californian team the final kick they needed. The Bombers encountered a three point deficit, a deficit they would overcome in the third inning.

Their comeback shot them to six points, and started in the fourth. Pitcher Kiko Garcia effectively shut the Taiwanese team down for the remainder of the game, allowing the American boys to obliterate their scoring.

Taiwan scored two home runs early on, securing their early lead. With bases loaded, the Taiwanese blew their chance at surging back to the top in the fifth inning. Andy Rios scored a double play, sending Taiwan's base runners back to the benches.

While the Californian team hit no home runs, their series of line drives proved to be a success. By the fifth inning, they had added two more points to their score card, nearly securing the inevitable victory that they would enjoy.

Despite being sent home without the final win, the Taiwanese team showed great promise as athletes and provided a hard battle for the Vista Park crew to overcome. Between the pitching of Kiko Garcia and the fielding and batting of Andy Rios, the Chula Vista boys had a solid foundation of quality athletics. The game prior to the final had Rios with a grand slam, securing the 12-2 victory over the San Antonio team.

Information supplied by the Associated Press

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