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Betting on Reality TV Rampant Through BetED

Sports Betting News - August 15th, 2009 - Written by Glen

Fans of reality TV have been flocking to BetED, seeking to hold a more involved stance on their favorite programs. Over the years, reality TV has skyrocketed in popularity and now online bookies have concocted lines on some of the more popular television contests.

Big Brother is in its 11th season and has a fan base that breaks the millions. People from around the world tune into Big Brother to watch the hi jinks, and betting on Big Brother has been rising in popularity. As a propositional bet, they also carry heavy pay lines. Russel Kairouz is the expected winner, as he has the lowest odds - he stands at a +300. For those who do not know, a +300 means for every $100 dollars wagered, there will be a $300 dollar return. Jeff Schroeder is tied with Russel, at the same +300. Two are tied for the worst chance, and this is Jordan Lloyd and Lydia Tavera. They run at +750 odds, which could lead to a big turnout if one of these two happen to succeed.

Hell's Kitchen is another widely popular television show, as the antics of Chef Ramsey have brought many viewers to their television sets. As it stands, Van is the expected winner with +300 odds. Four contestants have seemingly no chance, as they have higher than normal odds. Kevin, Jim, Dave, and Suzanne all have odds of +800. Andy is in the middle of the road with +450. The question is, however, will Ramsey crack down on these chefs, or will the current favored be able to shine?

The World Series of Poker main event, which is set to resume in November, gives television fans another opportunity to bet on an event. The final table at the Main Series leaves bettors with many amateurs, but poker pro Phil Ivey is also seated. Ivey has a relatively small chip stack, and despite his expertise he runs with +500 odds. Darvin Moon, the leader by miles, is running at +200. He is not a major player on any circuit, but his success thus far may prove to keep him in the lead. Eric Buchman is his runner up, who stands at +300 odds.

Poker fans can also place a wager on the final hand of the game, who will last longer, and who will be eliminated first.

The Emmys are right around the corner, and BetED is giving plenty of opportunities for television fans to bet on entertainment. Nearly every award to be handed out that night has a money line, and 30 Rock is the current favorite amongst most of them. Political bets have also managed to snake their way into BetED, and as the political landscape of the United States continues to change and adapt, these lines can change significantly.

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