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Another Red Team Member Sent Home On Hell's Kitchen

Sports Betting News - August 13th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

Things are really heating up in the kitchen this season on Hell's Kitchen and Chef Ramsey is showing no mercy on contestants. This week was a special dinner service as they were honoring a solider who had just returned from over a year tour in Iraq. His wife and close friends wanted to honor him with a coming home party at Hell's Kitchen. The first assignment came from Chef Ramsey where one contestant from each team was responsible for sitting down and getting menu ideas from the wife of the solider in which they were honoring. It was then up to each team to come up with menu items to present to her. Although the red team was off to a good start with the first pick of the salad, the blue team presented a much more appetizing items and won the competition. In winning this competition the blue team was treated to a once in a life time experience in fighter plans with trained professionals. The women on the other hand were teamed up with Chef Ramsey's wife with the project of decorating the entire dinning room for the party.

When the special guest arrived and realized the room was full of friends and family he had not seen in over a year, he was over come with joy. He could only hope that his dinner service that night would be just as filling. The night god off to a rocky start with the red team. By the time the blue team had moved on to entrees, the red team was still struggling to get their appetizers out. The red team did not improve much throughout the entire dinner service causing them to have to take help from the blue team just to complete the dinner service which resulted in the red team loosing one more member. DSI Sportsbook has some great odds for who will win Hell's Kitchen.

AMANDA     +700

ARIEL      +850

SABRINA    +600

SUZANNE    +900


ROBERT     +850

ANDY       +550

TONY       +850

DAVE       +900

JIM        +900

JOSEPH     +750

KEVIN      +900

VAN        +400

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