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Anderson Silva and B.J. Penn Emerge Victorious at UFC 101

Sports Betting News - August 10th, 2009 - Written by Bruce

Saturday night's UFC 101 was yet another exciting night of mixed martial arts action. There were two co-main events for the fight, each of which ended with the favored fighter winning. In the first of the two fights, Anderson Silva took on Forrest Griffin in a light heavyweight match up. Anderson Silva is the current UFC Middleweight Champion, but he stepped up a weight class to take on Griffin who is the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Silva is widely regarded as the top pound for pound fighter in mixed martial arts and he proved why with his performance on Saturday night. Silva dominated the fight from the first second of the opening round. He looked incredibly calm and was able to land his punches with ease. Griffin was unable to find an answer to the quicker more dominant Silva. After knocking him down multiple times, Griffin was unable to get back up after one of Silva's punches landed squarely on his nose. The fight was stopped 3:23 into the first round. Anderson Silva's dominating performance showed UFC fans why he is known as one of the most dangerous fighters in the world.

The main event for UFC 101 was a lightweight title fight between B.J. Penn and Kenny Florian. Penn came into the fight as the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, while Florian was the number one lightweight contender. Though both fighters had a mutual respect for one another coming into the fight, Florian had stated that he was ready to take the belt away from Penn. When the two entered the octagon on Saturday night, the time for talking was done as it was now time for them to do battle. Penn, who is known as, "The Prodigy", wanted to make a big statement to UFC fans after he lost his last fight to the bigger George St. Pierre. After controlling the fight through the first few rounds, Penn looked to put an end to fight when an opening in the 4th round came up. At 3:54 of the 4th round, Penn ended the fight via rear naked choke when Florian tapped out. He was impressive with his performance, and proved that he truly is the best 155 lb fighter in the world.

Both Silva and Penn came into UFC 101 as two of the most well respected fighters in all of mixed martial arts. Silva dismantled his opponent, and showed that he is more than capable of fighting at the heavier light heavyweight division. With Saturday night's victory, Silva has now won all ten of his fights in the UFC. His ten straight victories is the record for most consecutive wins in the UFC. He still holds the UFC middleweight title, but has proven that he is by far the best fighter in the division. Many UFC fans want to see a fight between Silva and the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida. If this were to happen, it would be one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history. No matter what the future holds for B.J. Penn and Anderson Silva, they have already proven that they are two of the most successful fighters in UFC history.

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