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German Online Gambling Ban May Dissolve Before that of USA

Gambling News - October 25th, 2009 - Written by Glen

gamblingThe UIGEA restricts payment processors from transacting payments for online gambling entities, but the German online gambling ban is more of an all inclusive package. Though more intense in restrictions, the ban in Germany is close to being repealed. One of the states that had initially been on board with the ban is in the process of reconsidering, which could lead to the ban becoming inactive.

The agreement between the Christian-Democratic Party and the Liberal Party in Schleswig-Holstein, the northern most state of Germany, has called for the abolishment of the interstate gambling treaty and the introduction of a regulatory body to control online gambling. The Liberal Party, or the FDP, also stated that they will introduce an intrastate licensing system if the states of Germany refuse to end the current compact.

As of now, all forms of Online gambling are banned in Germany, other than betting on horse races. The new licensing system is, ideally, only going to apply to online gambling, rather than the land based options around the state. The regulatory body would, as they hope, be more compliant to the free trade of goods and services as per the European Union's general directive.

The fear of a monopoly is also on the table, but the issue has just over two years until the current treaty lapses. On January 1st, 2012, the current ban will become nonexistent. Germany has until then to make a decision, but it is almost assured that a decision will be made very quickly.

Now if only we as Americans could repeal the UIGEA and be one step close to USA online gambling, than the United States could enjoy some of the online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms that do not extend to American soil.

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