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Ten Arrested for Illegal Gambling, Includes Government Employees

Gambling News - August 22nd, 2009 - Written by Glen

gavelTen people, including several U.S. Postal Workers, were recently charged with allegations surrounding an illegal gambling operation. The games were being held out of a U.S. Post office, as well as a government agency that aids in the function of mass transit.

Thursday saw the arrests of nine of the accused, as federal agents had already had the 10th, or rather the first, in custody. While the 10th was not arrested for these specific charges, the accused's charges were for a similar incident.

The game has allegedly been operating for several years, either from the transit authority or the post office. Other government employees were allegedly involved, and not just those from the postal service.

The scheme was one related to the lottery, and saw pay outs breaking six digits, with buy ins of $20 dollars. Hundreds of players were actively involved in this pursuit before the ring was shut down.

The summer of 2009 saw many arrests over illegal gambling operations, including a high profile mobster, an operations based in Internet style casinos, and even some underground slot and bingo halls that would pay real money prizes. There was also a man in Pennsylvania arrested for operating an allegedly illegal series of poker tournaments.

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