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Slot Sellers Seek Sites in Illinois

Gambling News - August 2nd, 2009 - Written by Glen

Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois signed in a Bill allowing video gambling machines in a variety of locations. Manufacturers of these machines are already scouting out locations for their games, and the proprietors who will utilize them. Experts suggest that over 40,000 machines will be added to the state before the efforts have ceased.

Though it is suggested that it will be months before these machines are in place, there is already a high demand. There is also a great deal of criticism, as opponents to the legislation cry out the usual - gambling addiction prevalence, increased crime with gambling, and little benefit to back the negative.

The number of gambling addicted adults within the United States stands at a 3% level, nationwide. There is little evidence that adding the video gaming terminals to the state will bring about more problem gamblers, as there are other ways to gamble and if the user is going to use, he or she will find the source. It is also suggested that there are a series of illegal gambling dens scattered about the state. With legalized slot terminals should show a decline in the criminal gambling operations.

Illinois has been searching for new ways to bring in revenue, and gambling has been a heavy subject. Lawmakers had also looked into allowing players to play the lottery through the Internet, but federal laws may ultimately block that sort of thing from going on. The video machines being introduced are estimated to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, with the lowest end of the speculation at $300 million.

Tax allocation is set to help statewide construction projects. In addition to generating tax revenue from not only the machines, the purchasing of the machines themselves, and the jobs needed to maintain the machines, the construction sites will add more employment to the state. The infusion of cash through the construction projects may be just what it takes to stabilize Illinois economy.

Legislators have just under two months to finalize the rules and regulations surrounding the Video game terminals. The machines are expected to be purchased and ready to roll out before the date arrives. The plan will thus far continue to move forward, despite public outcries. In this case, it is unlikely, experts say, the drawbacks will overshadow the advantages.

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