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Religious Group up in Arms Against 24 hour Ohio Casinos

Gambling News - August 14th, 2009 - Written by Glen

A proposed Ohio regulation would allow racetracks to operate video lottery terminals twenty four hours a day. Rabble rousers from the Ohio Council of Churches have deemed worthy of their political pursuits, and have begun their attack on the policy. Their attack is due in part to the 24 hour gambling, but also because the age restriction - instead of 21, players may be 18 years old to gamble.

Only a handful of states allow 18 year old gamblers, and now Ohio is becoming one of them. A statement provided by the lottery communications director, Jeannie Roberts, stated that by being open 24 hours a day, Ohio would remain a competitor for gambling dollars int he surrounding states. The age restriction would allow 18 year olds to remain consistent with lottery laws, as anyone over the age of 18 is entitled to purchase a lottery ticket.

The Church Council argues that those who will be prone to gambling while they cannot afford it will suffer the most. An 18 year old may be unlikely to walk into a video lottery terminal, lose money, then recover and still be able to keep up with bills and expenses. The urban gambling environment is a potential disaster, they claim, as those from low income homes may be tempted to try their luck.

Ohio is going to continue to move forward as planned, despite the opposition. Through licensing fees and taxes, the State of Ohio expects to generate over $900 million dollars after two years. Licensing fees will run $65 million dollars, spread out over five easy payments of $13 million dollars, each made within one year. The slot games will be hosted in the seven racetracks around the state. Over 2,000 slots will be placed, and the games will begin hopefully by May.

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