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Palin To Get Divorced According To Odds Makers

Gambling News - August 4th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

It is not surprising that all the media attention Sarah Palin has had to endure over the past year, has taken a tole on her personal life. Former Governor of Alaska has been criticized from everything such as her appearance, to the choices her kids have made in their personal lives. She has been mocked by media and made into a must follow story that we just can't seem to get enough of. Sarah Palin has been married to Todd Paling for more than 20 years and like most marriages, they have had their ups and downs.

Some people believe that this "so called" divorce is due to infidelities by both parties. Although they appear to be a happy couple who stand by each other and their families, there is no telling what the real story is behind closed doors. These accusations have been denied by the family lawyer who states the Palins have not filed or plan on filing for divorce.
It is interesting how one blogger can come up with such a story, true or false, and cause such a rocuse among the media and the Palin's themselves. It may be just a matter of time before the story brings to light a side of the Palin's no one intended on hearing.

Politics can be a scary road with out all the personal business being thrown into the media, but that's the chance you take when taking on a position such as Governor. Maybe the added drama was a contributing factor in Palin's decision to resign from her position as Governor of Alaska. That career move was talked about in the same manner her marriage is being talked about, so why not make some money on the outcome?? DSI Sportsbooks brings you the odds on if Sarah Palin will get divorced in 2009.



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