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Oregon The Next State To Allow New Gambling Choices

Gambling News - August 31st, 2009 - Written by Glen

oregon gamblingThe Oregon Lottery has decided to add hundreds of video lottery machines - or slots in layman's terms - to the different purveyors of alcohol, also known as bars, throughout the state. These lottery terminals are a new initiative to add to the state's revenues, as Oregon is also suffering from the recession. While the economy grows weaker, more states re turning to gambling as a bail out.

While nearly 400 machines have been added, the lottery commission plans on rolling out thousands more. The idea is to boost state revenues before a total failure occurs, preventing major losses to the state's programs and agencies. Lotteries from around the nation typically fuel education, and the infusion of taxes is a necessary evil for the continued operation of the state.

Estimates show that over $40 million dollars in revenue will be missing by the end of the year. The state hopes that the slot machines will fix this before it even hits. Between taxing the earnings and licensing fees, the state expects to collect enough to fill the gap. Video poker and slot type games will be available.

Tribal casinos will always pose a threat to the state driven gambling programs, a problem that will not go away. Further hurting gambling choices within the state was a smoking ban that would not affect the tribal casinos.

Oregon currently hosts scratch tickets, raffles, and varying number driven lotteries to fund their program. The state lottery has given over a million dollars to education this year alone, from lottery proceeds at least, and needs the extra revenue if they are going to continue to fund their schools through this method. Either way, the excitement should be limitless. Neighborhood bars will have these games, and all players of legal age can enjoy.

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