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Jeff Takes Control of Big Brother House

Gambling News - August 24th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

jeff big brotherStakes are high in the Big Brother house and every player's move at this point of the game is crucial. Old alliances are being broken, and new alliances are forming. Jeff and Jordan have created quite a friendship, and this alliance remains one of the strongest in the house.

With Jeff currently in control of the house, they have managed to avoid elimination for one more week. Things may not be looking as promising for Russell, as he has become the new target in the house. Russell has managed to anger every house guest at some point or another, but has managed to escape elimination week after week. Although he believes his alliance with Jeff will carry him through this week, he has no idea that a plan has been put in place to turn the tables and get him out the door. Jeff nominated Kevin and Natalie, with the understanding that they were acting only as a scape goat, and Russell would be put up on the block in place of one of them. This was a smart move on Jeff's part, as he now will appear to have stayed true to his alliance with Russell and at the same time gain the support of two additional players, Kevin and Natalie.

There is no telling what strategies the players have in mind at this point in the game. Each move a player makes could have some serious consequences. Jeff's concern for this week is to eliminate tough competition, leaving him with players he might have a fighting chance against should it come down to the final two. As of Sunday night's episode, Jeff is secretly conspiring with Jordan, Natalie, and Kevin to get Russell out of the house. Jeff continues to reassure Michelle and Russell that he is sticking by his agreement with them, taking the two of them with him and Jordan to the final four.

This week will be a breaking point for some players. We will find out just where each contestant's loyalty lie. Jeff holds the cards right now and it is no surprise that he will use his power as the head of household to persuade players to vote on what he thinks is best for the remaining players. Is Russell's time in the Big Brother house finally come to a end? DSI Sportsbook has some predictions of their own on who will win Big Brother.

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