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H.R. 2267 Beginning To Reach 60 Co-Sponsor Mark

Gambling News - August 3rd, 2009 - Written by Glen

barney frankOn May 6th of 2009, a Bill was introduced by Barney Frank to demolish the UIGEA. As the legislation becomes a media giant, relatively speaking, the attention received by the House continues to erupt along with the media strength. The Bill is meant to repeal the UIGEA and bring online gambling into legalization, regulation, and taxation.

As of the creation of this article, 54 house members have cosponsored the Bill, bringing support to a total of 55. Frank is at the head of the spear and more members of the house are continuing to sign on regularly. What started as 15 is always on the rise, but unfortunately they are still missing one thing. An active role from the Senate has yet to be seen on the issue, though it has been said that Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey is working on a sister Bill that would back Frank in his quest.

In order for a Bill to move forward, two thirds of the House and Senate alike must agree on what the Bill entails. There are 435 members of the house, and so far barely 13% of the House is on board. Though this is not an official vote, the numbers are slated against the Bill. Though the sponsors are rarely the sole "Yes" votes, a higher number of cosponsors would help toward optimism.

With the required votes from Congress, the issue will ultimately fall onto President Obama, who has spoken in favor of online gambling in the past. Should this bill succeed, a new era of Internet gaming will be ushered in, and perhaps a way to mend the damaged economy. Poker players from all over the nation had gathered in D.C. to push for legalized gambling throughout the month, and many think strong headway had been made.

The Senate has devised a Bill to help Frank's Bill. It has not received half as much media attention, though it does exist.

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