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Founder of Largest Poker portal on the Internet Found Dead

Gambling News - August 10th, 2009 - Written by Glen

Andreas Oscarsson, 36, was founded gunned down in his home in Sweden. Oscarsson was considered a gambling mogul, and his website, PokerListings, is one of the largest online poker sites on the Internet. No clues have yet to be found, and police are unsure about motive in this case. There are rumors abound, as the Internet has been known to cause, but no evidence, circumstantial or concrete, has been released as of yet.

As it turns out, another man named Andreas Oscarsson was murdered last year. According to Bluff Europe Magazine, no details have been released about last year's 20 year old murder victim, but the implications of the double crime run deep. Some suggest that there may have been a contract out on the poker mogul, though these suspicions are just that, and could be a bout of Internet paranoia.

Gambling has always been a tricky enterprise, be it racketeering from mobsters or Internet affiliates causing Denial of Service attacks. No witnesses were present, as Oscarsson's wife was in New York at the time of the Murder last Tuesday. His two year old son was present, and was not harmed in the incident. Money and crime sometimes go hand in hand, and Oscarsson's wealth may have been an issue as it pertains to motive.

The investigation is under way, but nothing has been revealed yet, though it was reported that a window in Oscarsson's bedroom was open. The same Swedish newspaper had reported that "concrete threats" were made against Oscarsson's life. While he was no longer in charge of the website it self, Oscarsson held an adviser position for the company.

Pokerlistings was a pioneer in the affiliate program, and had grown to be one of the most informative poker sites on the Web. His legacy will continue through his website, and tens of thousands of players will continue to visit that site on a monthly basis.

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