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Despite Adversity, Relaxed Ohio Gambling Restrictions Pass

Gambling News - August 18th, 2009 - Written by Glen

Last week, the Ohio Council of Churches had opposed the reduced minimum age for gambling, as well as the 24 hour time frame in which video lottery terminals may be accessed in Ohio. In spite of these urgings from the religious group, Ohio passed the laws.

Many were opposed to the gambling expansion on a whole, let alone the nonrestrictive rules in place, but the project moves forward unabated by opposition. The upcoming ballet will even feature full blown casino gambling as an option.

The seven racetracks in Ohio will have their slot games, and the slots will be available 24 hours a day. This creates jobs and revenue for a state that has had its economy obliterated by the recession. Most states do not allow gambling under 21, making Ohio one of a very small number - that having been said, gambling in neighboring states is lower than 21 on several instances, and Canada, which is a short drive for some residents, holds a gambling and drinking age of 19.

The under 21 gambling scene was meant to attract gamblers from the surrounding states, as well as include a demographic rarely seen in the casinos around the nation. Ohio is in dire need of an infusion of funds, and this venture could generate the capital to keep the state afloat despite harsh economic weather.

Gambling opponents have been citing the usual suspects for their argument - moral corruption, pathological gambling, poverty, and inability to afford losses - but have been speaking to what seems to be deaf ears. The populace has spoken, as has the legislation, and the gambling tide in Ohio will not be stemmed by any action to date. The November ballot should continue with a gambling clause, which could bring even more gaming to the state.

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