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bookmakerOne of the most risky, and therefore most rewarding, ways to bet on horse racing is a Trifecta Bet. What it boils down to is the bettor believing he knows exactly how the finish will play out. In a Trifecta Bet, the bettor picks three horses to win, place and show. There is no wiggle room in this type of bet. It has to be the exact order or the money is the track's. If two of the horses win and place, and the other finishes, say, fifth, it is considered a loss. This can be very rewarding, though. The payout for this wager is considerably higher than most of the others, considering the risk, and can provide an exciting day for thrill-seekers.

Betting on a trifecta can be done in other ways at Online Racebooks, however. There are $1 Trifecta Box bets in which the wager can be placed on three horses to finish in the top-3 but in no particular order. The only amount of flexibility this is given, is the fact the exact order at the end does not have to be predicted. Putting a $1 trifecta on horses 3,4 and 7 means a winning finish can be 3-4-7, 3-7-4, 4-3-7, 4-7-3, 7-3-4 or 7-4-3. Because there are six different outcomes possible, what you are really doing is making six different $1 bets for a total wager of $6. This still offers a relatively rewarding payout, giving good odds with the risk, although it is slightly lower than a typical Trifecta.

Another way of betting for a Trifecta is a $1 Trifecta Key. This type of wager is somewhere in the middle of the first two in terms of risk. First, you must pick an overall winner in the race and that selection is locked in. Second, you take two other horses to finish second in third, although the exact order is not necessary. The finish by the final two horses can be interchanged and you can still win. Therefore, there are only two possibilities for a win, so you are making two $1 bets packaged together.

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Best Racebooks For Placing Trifecta Bets

Rank Online Racebook Reviews Racebook Bonuses Tracks Visit
1 DSI Racebook Review 20% to $500 / 8% Rebate Program 100+ VISIT
2 BookMaker Racebook Review 20% to $500 / 8% Rebate Program 100+ VISIT
3 CaribSports Racebook Review 50% to $250 / 5% Rebate Program 20+ VISIT
4 Bovada Racebook Review 20% - $100 / 3% to 5% Rebate 80+ VISIT
5 BetJamaica Racebook Review 100% to $100 / Up to 7.5% Rebates 120+ VISIT
6 Intertops Racebook Review 25% to $100 10+ VISIT