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Gambling on horse races has been around for centuries, even if not in the current standards of which we practice. While betting on horses may look confusing at first, the concepts are fairly easy to grasp and very simple to understand. While you may have some trouble deciding on horses at first, the premise remains fairly simple. Though there is a lot of information on which you should base your bets, and an even larger set of betting types, the sport of gambling on race horses remains fairly simple. With even a basic understanding of the premise behind horse gambling, you should be able to build enough experience and learn when and how to place your wagers.

bodogThe first series of numbers you will have to look at are all of the facts about a horse and his or her jockey. While weight is kept fairly standardized, fluctuations between the combined weight of the horse and jockey could potentially slow the beast down. Most racebooks will provide you with a full list of the horse's pertinent statistics, and this list is where you will draw your preliminary statistics for placing a wager. Most racebooks will give information several of the last races at that particular track in which that particular horse had participated. This will include its speed, position, and the rank that it had held at that time. Each of these three should be considered, especially if the race was not too far back in the past, as it is doubtful that the horse will have changed much since then. If a horse has gone up in rank, it might be a worrisome bet, as he or she may not have experience contending with those that have established themselves at higher ranks. The speed at which the horse completed the race should be compared to that of the other horses in the race, as this should give you a general guideline about your gambling on horse races to be done for this particular race. Position in previous races is also relevant, and should remain a point of heavy consideration, particularly if you are betting on highly specific positioning. Other factors that should be considered are the horses age, kennel, and ownership, though the first is usually kept standardized and the latter is usually ubiquitous.

dsiBetting types are of extreme importance for any newcomer to learn. There are nearly twenty different types of bets, but six are the most common. Common as they are, they also carry variants, further complicating the entire affair. The basic types of bets are the Win, or first place, Place, or first/second place, and the Show, or first/second/third place. The further down you go, the more possible combinations are available, but the lower the pay out. For instance, in a Show bet, the horse will win your wager if it takes first, second, or third place. Building upon these most simple of bets we have the quinella, the trifecta, and the superfecta. The quinella requires a bet to be placed on two horses, and those horses will have to come in first and second, usually in any order. Trifecta bets in horse race gambling work similarly, though you must pick three horses. The superfecta is even more tricky, as you must correctly guess the order that four horses will place - first, second, third, and first. If you are willing to accept lower payouts, you can box these bets, allowing your horses to come in any position as long as they make the positions you chose, for example first and second in a quinella. Boxing increases your chance of success, but decreases your payout, usually by half.

An expert horse gambler can learn different methods of winning, but one fact remains the same - this form of gambling should be left more for entertainment rather than profit. While some players can make a sizable amount of money by betting on horses, it is unlikely to remain consistent. Even the best of horse gamblers tend to have bad days, though the online racebook rebates that many of our USA online racebooks offer will help to recoup losses.

Best Online Horse Racing Gambling Sites

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Bovada is another site for all of the best horse racing gambling, and players should have no problems getting into their racebook. Signing up takes no more than five minutes, and your deposit should post instantly, allowing you to place wagers within ten minutes from starting. Bovada has more lines than a book has words, so there should be races running around the clock. Players will be able to indulge in the best that horse betting has to offer through Bovada, all backed by 15 years experience and an amazing 20% to $100 match bonus. Visit Bovada

Top Online Horse Racing Gambling Sites

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3 CaribSports Racebook Review 50% to $250 / 5% Rebate Program 20+ VISIT
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5 BetJamaica Racebook Review 100% to $100 / Up to 7.5% Rebates 120+ VISIT
6 Intertops Racebook Review 25% to $100 10+ VISIT