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Actually being at a horse track can make or break your bet. Seeing a horse trot out from the stable onto the field, then examining its coat, attitude, and general look can be one of the best ways to formulate a bet. Statistics and past performances can only tell you so much, as a horse could have sustained an injury or gone ill since their last race at that track. Seeing a horse prior to making a wager can tell you quite a bit about its general well being, and to help players with their betting, USA online racebooks offer players live horse racing feeds, letting them watch the horses and races as they unfold.

Online live horse races are not available through all of the racebooks, though many of the best will offer this form of betting. Several of our available racebooks do offer live races, so you will not be left totally in the dark. Since betting on horses is one of the most popular forms of gambling, these racebooks have gone through great lengths to ensure that gamblers will have the easiest experience possible through their racebook. By remaining versatile, name by offering live races, they manage to bring in more customers than they would have without. More customers equals higher payback, which in turn gives you better hopes for returns of investment.

Since racebooks offering live horse races aim to have as many features as possible, it is safe to assume that these racebooks will also offer other such benefits and perks to their players. Be it a deposit bonus or a rebate, you are sure to find these advantages also through the live online racebooks. Since you are probably out to make money, the combination of these features should help you in that goal. If you are a beginner and just want to learn how to place your wagers, look into our horse betting guide, as it should provide you with enough information to begin your career as a gambler of horse races.

Best Racebooks For Betting on Virtual Horse Racing


One of the few racebooks that will offer the occasional live horse race is BetJamaica. BetJamaica will start players off with a 20% match to $500 dollars, and even go as far as to grant a 100% match on all deposits over $100 dollars. They will also give players the occasional 15% reload bonus, and allow them to receive said bonuses with deposit methods such as echecks, credit cards, and even e-wallets. With over 120 race tracks to their name, players will be hard pressed to find a day in which their race book shows no lines. BetJamaica caters to players from every state in the USA, making them one of the most versatile racebooks in the world. Visit BetJamaica


Though uncommon, Bovada will allow players to watch live race feeds from their computers. Bovada's racebook is otherwise one of the best, as they give players the opportunity to wager on over 100 tracks, with many races per day. Both harness races and normal thoroughbred races are available, allowing mutability in betting types. These races run around the clock, thus making Bovada one of the best racebooks on the Internet. Backed by their 10%, unlimited match bonus, all new players will find Bovada to be an enjoyable experience. Visit Bovada

Rank Online Racebook Reviews Racebook Bonuses Tracks Visit
1 DSI Racebook Review 20% to $500 / 8% Rebate Program 100+ VISIT
2 BookMaker Racebook Review 20% to $500 / 8% Rebate Program 100+ VISIT
3 CaribSports Racebook Review 50% to $250 / 5% Rebate Program 20+ VISIT
4 Bovada Racebook Review 20% - $100 / 3% to 5% Rebate 80+ VISIT
5 BetJamaica Racebook Review 100% to $100 / Up to 7.5% Rebates 120+ VISIT
6 Intertops Racebook Review 25% to $100 10+ VISIT