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5dimes racebokIf you ever intend on making any money with horse racing, you will have to know how to bet on horses. Without this fairly obvious fact, ignorantly betting could lead to losses, and it could lead there very quickly. The terminology and types of bets can be confusing to a new comer at Online Racebooks, but they are a necessary evil for anyone hoping to learn enough about horse betting to make money through this form of gambling. Knowing which statistics to track is also important, as horse racing is not a game of luck, rather it is a numbers game, one that involves determining your bet based on how a horse is expected to perform, how they have performed, and such attributes as their weight, speeds, size, jockey, breeder, stable, and so on. While some of these features may not seem important, there is no detail on a horse that should be left without consideration.

When looking at a racebook, you will be given a guide on all of the information required for the races. This will document all of the important information about a horse. The breeder, the owner, the stable in which it is kept, as well as its ranks, both past and present, top speeds for that particular track, placing for its last series of races as that particular track, as well as the jockey, the horses weight, age, and relative size. By adapting this information to the relevant odds, you can paint a picture to as of how you suspect the horse is going to perform. As with any sport, random betting is a sure fire way to lose your money, but arming yourself with this knowledge can increase your chances of choosing the right bet, thus giving you the winnings that have probably brought you to the racebook to begin with.

bookmaker racebookIn addition to knowing about the horses them selves, you will also have to know about the types of bets in order to be truly successful. There are many types of bets in horse racing, and only a select few of them are simple and straight forward. The others can be mildly complicated and require serious contemplation over the statistics and information at hand. The basic three bets are the Win, Place, and Show bets. The Win bet is simple - the horse you select is to come in first, and thus your bet is successful. Place betting is similar, though this allows your horse to come in first or second. When learning how to place bets on horses, it is important to consider each form of bet. With a Show bet, your horse will have to come in first, second, or third. place and show bets allow you more flexibility with your wager, but carries a lower pay out than a Win bet.

To further complicate things, we have quinella, trifecta, and superfecta bets. With these three types of bets you will be placing wagers on two, three, or four horses respectively. In a quinella bet, you will be taking two to three horses, depending on the amount you are willing to risk and how much you are trying to win, but in any event, your quinella bet will require you to take the first and second positions. With a trifecta, you will be selecting three horses to come in first, second and third place. Superfectas are even more difficult, and you will be required to select the four horses you think will come in first. Superfecta bets have one of the highest payouts in betting on horses, but also remain the most difficult bet to succeed.

These are the most common types of bet, and are the easiest to learn. There are different things you can do to increase the likelihood of a successful bet, but this will typically decrease your pay out as well. Boxing your bet will allow the horses to come in any position in the set (e.g. quinellas, trifectas, superfectas), but will usually cut your pay out in half. Now that you know how to place horse bets, you should be able to place your wagers and have a better chance at taking down a win, thus increasing your bankroll and personal fortune.

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