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Both oddsmakers and fans alike are always delving into horse racing handicapping, both with their own intent in mind. Oddsmakers handicap the races in order to set the odds on who will win, while fans are merely trying to determine the outcome of the race. Whether the latter are trying to win a bet or they are trying to sell their opinions, handicappers will watch every race in order to make some money. While you can attempt to concoct your own handicapping horse racing systems, the handicaps from those who call themselves experts may be more accurate than what you can find. Oddsmakers are the true experts, however, and their opinions are usually the ones that matter.

bodog racebookWhen you are trying to handicap horse races, you will have to pay attention to all of the information you would be looking at when trying to make a wager. This includes the age, weight, and experience of the horse. Statistics are how oddsmakers will gauge which horse will win, and you can typically have access to the same information that they do when you are trying to educate yourself on the horses in the race. Even if you are not trying to do so, you will end up handicapping a horse race if you wish to win a bet. Though you may not want to offer your opinion to another bettor, be it because you want to take the money for yourself or because you are unsure of your bet, because bad news is nothing anyone would wish to hear.

If you are unsure about how to place your wage at Online Racebooks, you can search out horse racing handicappers. These handicappers will sell their opinion on how the race will end. You can typically purchase these opinions, and they should carry some weight throughout the race. Though these cannot be relied upon solely for how you will place your bet, these picks can at least help point you in the right direction. You will usually have to pay for picks, but the goal is to find a low enough price and bet enough on the race to still make up for what you spent. You can also search out free picks, as these are available periodically through different thoroughbred racing handicapping services. For those who do not wish to lose more than their wager, you can look for those racebooks that offer players a guarantee. These guarantees will give you back what you paid under the pretext that the handicappers were wrong. With this guarantee, you can safely purchase the handicapped pick and still not end with a total loss. Always remember, though, that when taking odds supplied by a handicapper, you will have to bet a sufficient amount in order to make up for the payment.

dsi racebookUsually, handicapping will only take place on the biggest races at the biggest tracks. Many handicappers do not charge much for their picks, sometimes no more than a dollar per race, with discounts coming if you take the entire race card for the day. Since this is a relatively low amount, you can stand to see a high return of investment when utilizing picks. Horse Racing Handicapping is typically left for those who know best what they are contending with, and can usually be trusted to aid your pursuits. If you are unsure of the handicapper you are choosing, you can usually check their service record as far back as twelve months. Using their connection ratio will allow you to see how successful they are with their bets, and subsequently how successful you will be with their bets.

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