Daily Double Horse Bets

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Picking a Daily Double is very simple and one of the easiest ways to bet without all the complications. Pick two winners in back-to-back races and collect the cash. The most common bet offered in this field at Online Racebooks is on the first two races of the day or the final races of the day. But the idea is the same all the way around. If there are two horses that stand out against all others and have a very realistic chance at winning, a Daily Double bet is the best way to make the most possible money. They are dependant on each other, however, so both horses must finish in first place or the money is gone. The best payout for this scenario is when there is a horse with good odds that you think has a very good chance of winning paired with another horse who is a clear-cut favorite in the other race.


Like many other combination bets, a Daily Double can be wheeled. This means you pick several horses to win a race instead of just one. This allows a broader possible outcome to pay you back. For instace, if you have a horse that has a terrific chance of winning, clearly the cream of the race, but the other race is a little more cloudy, you might want to wheel it. Take the first horse as your key horse. This means he has to win. Then you wheel it with several other horses in the second race, and if any of those horses win the second race, you win. The track will ask for a larger starting wager if a wheel is played, however, multiplying a start of $2 by the number of horses chosen in the second race. You can wheel the entire second race by taking all 10 horses (in a 10 horse race), making the initial investment $20. Thus, if your first horse wins, you will win the wheel.

bodog racebookThere is also the possibility of a Daily Double Partial Wheel, in which you key one horse in the first race and take a limited amount, say five horses, in the second race. Again, this multiplies your starting bet by the number of horses selected in the second race. But, it is smaller than a full wheel and gives you the opportunity to throw out horses that you believe have no chance to win the second race. This only increases your prize, while taking away a small sum of money that would otherwise be at risk.

Best Racebooks For Placing Daily Double Bets

Rank Online Racebook Reviews Racebook Bonuses Tracks Visit
1 DSI Racebook Review 20% to $500 / 8% Rebate Program 100+ VISIT
2 BookMaker Racebook Review 20% to $500 / 8% Rebate Program 100+ VISIT
3 CaribSports Racebook Review 50% to $250 / 5% Rebate Program 20+ VISIT
4 Bovada Racebook Review 20% - $100 / 3% to 5% Rebate 80+ VISIT
5 BetJamaica Racebook Review 100% to $100 / Up to 7.5% Rebates 120+ VISIT
6 Intertops Racebook Review 25% to $100 10+ VISIT