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bodog racebookThe first time you look at a daily racing form you will undoubtedly be stricken with a mind paralyzing confusion. The jumbled mass of information can be nearly impossible to contend with without any assistance. Being unable to read the daily racing forms can end up costing you money, so this should, above anything else, be the most important thing you learn how to do before you start wagering.

When you sit down with the daily horse racing forms, you will be presented with all of the important information regarding the horses. This will include which horses are in the race, what time the race is expected to begin, as well as the odds on the race, provided they are fixed odds. This is your basis for building a bet at Online Racebooks, but will be expanded upon as the information becomes more detailed.

All of the information provided is drawn from past experiences both on this track and sometimes off. From the top of the page to the bottom of the page, each horse will be listed individually. Each horse will have its information boxed off from the rest of the horses, and will start with its name in the upper left hand corner of the personal box on the daily horse racing form. Beneath the horses name will be the owners of the horse, what color or colors the horse is wearing today, as well the jockey and his personal record. Beneath the name of the horse and jockey, the horse's most recent races will be listed in descending order, from recent to distance, and how well or poorly they performed. The time it took to complete the race, the distance there in, and even what form of track is covered in this subsection of the daily racing forms. To the right of this you will typically find pacing positions and times, which should help you figure how consistent the horse is with its running. To the right of this you should find the odds on the horse, the horses speed rating, as well as the variance delivered by the particular track.

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The top of the box is also laden with information, including the horse's best speeds, his track records, lifetime record, and even his or her performance over the past year. Any medication the horse is on will also be listed, usually near the middle top of the box. The weight of the horse is usually planted next to any medication the horse might be on. The final bit of information is usually kept at the top, on the middle of the horse's box. This will include everything you might need to know about the horses bloodline. Moving to the very bottom you will find the workouts the horse has done as well as the trainer or trainers that had been involved in the care and raising of the horse.

Once you master reading the daily race card and forms, your career as a horse gambler should become more successful and much easier. If you can track the appropriate statistics, you should be able to accurately judge your bets at a much higher rate of success. Knowing as much as you can is important, and you should never try to place wagers without being able to read the racing forms. This is essential for any level of success, unless you are willing to risk your financial livelihood to pure luck.

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