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An Exotic Wager means anything other than a straight bet. These types of bets mean that you are coupling two or more outcomes together to make your bet. In every Exotic Wager, there will be more than one bet on a ticket. There are a variety of Exotic Bets, but all of them come down to being co-dependent on each other, meaning if one fails, the entire bet is lost. There are two different types of Exotic Bets. The first is Intra-Race Exotics. What this means is you are betting at Online Racebooks on multiple outcomes in the same race. One of the most common is the Exacta bet, in which the bettor must pick the top-two finishers exactly correct to win the money. There can not be any variation in this bet. The winner has to be correct, and the place finisher has to be correct. They cannot be inverted. Other Intra-Race bets include Quinella (picking the high finishers, but in no particular order), Trifecta (picking the exact results of the top-three horses) and the Superfecta (picking the top-four finishers in a race in the exact order).

5dimes racebookAnother type of Exotic Wager is the Inter-Race bet. This means you are selecting the outcomes of several other races, typically in consecutive order. There are many types of bets for this. For instance, the Pick 3 bet, which involves picking winners of three-straight races in a row. Another kind is the Daily Double, in which you pick two winners in a row. Typically, this type of bet is only offered for the first two races or the last two races for the day. The drawback of these races is the risk goes up because the money is dependent on two completely separate outcomes. Also, a track often only offers Daily Doubles before the lines are up. So the bettor is typically blinded to what kind of money he is going to get back, or how the general public is going to react to the lines, thus changing them.

Both of these Exotic Bets are all considered extremely difficult, but allow for a longer day at the track. In the Inter-Race exotics, your money is dependent on a couple races, which means your money goes further and you have a vested interest in several races instead of just one. Also, winning nets a much higher payout, thus making the bets more rewarding overall.

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Best Racebooks For Placing Exotic Bets

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1 DSI Racebook Review 20% to $500 / 8% Rebate Program 100+ VISIT
2 BookMaker Racebook Review 20% to $500 / 8% Rebate Program 100+ VISIT
3 CaribSports Racebook Review 50% to $250 / 5% Rebate Program 20+ VISIT
4 Bovada Racebook Review 20% - $100 / 3% to 5% Rebate 80+ VISIT
5 BetJamaica Racebook Review 100% to $100 / Up to 7.5% Rebates 120+ VISIT
6 Intertops Racebook Review 25% to $100 10+ VISIT