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5dimes racebookWagering on horses can be a great way to earn money, but can also lead players to ruin should they make an unfortunate bet. We have been betting on horses with the utmost regularity, and we are here to provide you with horse betting tips to make your life moderately easier. While tips can only set you on the right path, there is still a degree of luck and skill involved. Should your horse or jockey be having a bad day, even the most sound bet could take a turn for the worse. Regardless, these tips for horse betting are more of a series of guidelines, rather than a strict set of rules, and thus should be used to aim your bet rather than place it.

One of the most important things to remember is that you should never bet on a horse solely because of their odds. Just because oddsmakers favor one horse they are not guaranteed to win. Taking the odds is not necessarily a bad idea, but taking the odds on every single bet is a sure fire way to lose money, and quickly.

When choosing a horse, there are many factors to consider. Online Racebooks will usually provide a full list of information on the horses, and this information should be adapted toward your bet. The horses level of fitness, weight, size, class, and even the jockey need be considered prior to placing a bet. These are some of the most important of all tips for horse betting.

bookmaker racebookA horse's physical condition can make or break an entire race, be it through a past injury, a recent illness, or even a propensity toward a certain type of weather. Like with people, these horses are living creatures and thus susceptible to outside influence on the race. While many of these factors may not be readily apparent, the horses are lined up for a reason - looking at the horse can give you a good idea about their well being. A horse with a lustrous, shiny coat will undoubtedly be in better health than that of a drab, broken looking beast.

Keeping track of a horse's class over their entire career will also show you about the beast's capabilities. If a horse went from a high rank and slowly dropped to a low rank, they have either been performing very poorly or they were just not up to the cut. On the other hand, if a horse had been even moderately successful in higher ranks, he or she may have better luck in the lower ranks, thus making it a solid choice for a bet. Rank is one of our most important horse betting tips, and should never be ignored.

Running style is also significant, and is broken down into several basic types. Pace setters, also known as front runners, stalkers, who run toward the middle and never dip too far back from the lead, and closers. Closers are usually running toward the back, keeping several distances between them and the front runner. Pace setters typically manage to win if they sprint ahead early on, though the early lead could end in ruin if they do not manage to stay in front. Stalkers are not a bad choice for betting, though their victory requires front runners that tire out quickly. Closers have always been a solid bet, but traffic issues as well as slow starts are seldom a positive point. A late runner will require last minute kicks of speed, or at the very least consistency, to win the game. With closers, the story of the tortoise and the hare come to mind.

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Distance and post position is also important for any aspiring bettor. The post at which a horse begins is important because a horse may be trapped by traffic or have slightly more distance to overcome. In some races, particularly short ones, the inside post is always a favorable position. Outside posts can make for lost ground, lost time, and lost speed, though in some instances the outside post can prove positive - especially with an early kick of speed. Distance is important because of the tortoise and the hare analogy. A sprinter, a horse who starts fast but cannot maintain their speed, could start off strong and win a short race, though the long game will be a complete flop. Those horses who maintain a consistent speed, albeit slightly slower than the sprinters, could win the long game through sheer stamina and determination. It is always important to correlate the horse's previous times and distances and subsequently gauge their ability to compete at the next track, in accordance with the distance there in.

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