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Most people will not make a wager on any sort of gamble unless it is backed by a system. Horse racing is one of the forms of gambling that is frequently met with players trying to concoct systems, though many of them fail. Horse Racing Systems typically follow the basics of the Martingale system, though the Martingale system assumes that one has an infinite supply of money with which to place bets. This can make the Martingale System unsound, as there is no one with unlimited expendable income, at least no one trying to make money through horse racing. Logic prevails when trying to concoct a horse betting system, and a highly intuitive bettor can manage to pull in consistent wins, provided they look at all of the information objectively and do not adhere to only one type of horse, the favorite, or the odds. A deeper look is required, and this is precisely what we aim to show you.

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Mathematical analysis is how oddsmakers build their odds, and this is what you will need to learn if you are going to be successful with betting on horses at Online Racebooks. The first variable in the equation is your bankroll. Never risk what you cannot afford, and always bring more than you intend on spending. Not much more, as there is no reason to go broke, but you will need to be able to recoup your losses should they occur. Unless you are adept in divining the future, there is no way you will win every bet you place. While there is a degree of luck involved, using the odds, statistics, and other information available is vital while deciding on a horse. With your bankroll there is one thing you must remember and must accept - never place everything you have on one horse. Putting all of your eggs in one basket will cause them to break, thus sending you home early and empty handed.

Step one is simple. Never bet only on the favorite. Just because the odds say the favorite will win does not make it so. One can assume that, statistically speaking, one third of all races will be won by the favorite. Losing two thirds of every race because you stick to the favorites is a sure fire way to end your day with a profit of nothing. Always consider this as your starting point, though never make favorites your only bet when using Horse Racing Systems.

bookmaker racebookYour bankroll is important when deciding on how much to wager, and is the second step in any sound Horse Racing Betting System. Assuming you start with $100 dollars in wagering money, you should never bet more then 5% of your bankroll on a wager, depending on what form of bet you are placing. Some tracks will require more than $5 dollars for quinellas, trifectas, or box betting, so only exceed this 5% if necessary. The more you can bring to the track, the higher your bets can be, but by adhering to the 5% maximum will ensure that you do not go broke, as most of tracks do not run twenty or more races a day.

Some players will feel it necessary to recoup losses, and many of them adhere to the Martingale system when trying to regain losses. This is not the best route to take, as you may end up losing more than you can. For those who do not know, the Martingale System requires that any lost bet be doubled up. So if your five dollar bet loses, place a ten dollar bet, then if that loses, a twenty dollar bet, and so on until you win. This system has its flaws, and should not be used regularly. If bets are lost, one should not aim for bringing back their their losses, rather remain focused on simply enjoying yourself and having fun. Since you will not be betting solely on the favorite, odds are that you will be able to pick up a win that will carry a higher pay out than a 2-to-1 or less. This will not only allow you to regain your losses, but also get ahead. Your goal for every night should not be to win every bet, but to win that at least one third of your wagers. Sticking to this Horse Betting System will allow you to make a profit, even if not massive.

bodog online racebookWhile these guidelines are more for betting on the Win, place, or show, they can be adapted to quinella and trifecta bets as well. Trifecta bets are obviously more difficult, as you will be wagering on multiple horses. If you are taking a bet with more than one horse, it is always a good idea to box your bets, allowing your horses to come in any place rather in the top two or three, rather than having static odds. While this typically reduces your payout by half, it is the safest way to place wagers on multiple horses using Horse Racing Systems.

Most importantly, never let emotion or losses cloud your judgement, and take as many factors of the race into consideration as possible.

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