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bodog racebookBeing a complex sport, Horse Racing has an immensely various set of betting types for horse races. These types can be simple or complicated, depending on how much you are willing to risk and how much you are hoping to win. Some bets will pay vastly more than others, though the higher they pay the more complicated they become. Though this is hardly a real problem, those players who are unaware of the different variations in bets will be best off learning the basics about each type of bet.

There are six basic bets, and these are the types of bets in horse racing that will be found in any of the Online Racebooks. Not a single book will leave out these bets, as they are the most understood and easiest to use. The basic bets are the Win, Place, and Show bet, and these involve choosing one horse to come in first, second, or third place depending on the bet. There are also the Quinella, trifecta, and superfecta, which involves picking two to four horses and gauging which position they will take. You can further mutate these multi-horse wagers by taking the box option, which allows these horses to take any position in that of which you've chosen.

Other types of horse racing bets are the exotic bets, and these are named exotic because they are slightly outlandish and not very common. Only select racebooks will offer these wagers, but those racebooks will be amongst the best. These bets include parlay bets, combination bets, pick bets, and much more. Each of these types of horse bets will typically carry slightly higher payouts due to their essentially being unorthodox types of bets, but should not be solely relied upon for earning, as they can sometimes be difficult to land.

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Learning the types of bets is essential for success, as you will otherwise be incapable of thriving as a successful bettor. The payouts on these bets will vary according to how much you've risked as well as the general difficulty involved in making these bet work, so always keep the general difficulty involved when trying to select the betting type that you wish to use.

Win - The Win bet requires you to select which horse you think will come in first place. This is the easiest type of bet to gauge, as there is only one possible outcome.

Place - The place type of horse bet allows you to select one horse. That one horse will have to come in first or second, and this line carries a slightly lower pay out than the Win.

Show - If you bet on a whorse to show, you are betting on whether or not it will come in first, second, or third place. Asith the Place bet, your pay out will be slightly lower than if you chose the Place or Win bet.

Quinella - Arguably the most popular type of bet, the quinella allows you to choose two horses. Your bet will pay if the horses you have chosen come in first or second place.

Trifecta - A more difficult form of betting. To succeed on a trifecta bet, you will choose three horses. These three horses must come in first, second, and third, typically in that order.

Superfecta - One of the hardest bets to win, the Superfecta requires you to select the top four horses. They must come in the position you have selected, otherwise this bet will be considered a failure.

Combination Bets - A general term encompassing the quinella, trifecta, and other bets involving more than one horse.

Pick 3 - Allows you to pick the winners of up to three races, adding to the complexity and winnings of those bets.

Pick 6 - Similar to the pick 3, but you can instead pick the winners of six different races. The payouts increase significantly when betting on this type of horse racing bets.

Daily Double - Allows you to, typically, pick the winner of the first two races.

Jackpot - The jackpot is a special type of bet created by the track. This can be anything - a particularly weak horse, bets across a series of races, or anything similarly difficult. The payout is usually enormous.

Parlay - Parlay bets enable you to place a bet on several horses. In order to succeed with these bets, none of your horses may fail.

Future Bets - Future bets allow you to place wagers on events that have yet to come. If the lines are open on the Kentucky Derby, for example, a week ahead of time, this is a future bet. Future betting usually carries higher pay outs, as there is more risk.

Exotics - Exotic bet types in horse racing is a general term for the atypical, non-standard bets.

Prop Bets - Proposition betting allows you to place wagers on what will happen outside of the race or on results of an instance other than the race. This can include which jockey will ride the hours, will the horse manage to finish, or even what color the horse will wear.

Exacta - Exacta betting usually applies to the combination bets. If you choose exacta betting, the horses must come in that order.

Across the Board - This is a blanket term for betting on a horse to win, place, or show. This is more of a slang term than anything else.

Boxed Bet - With boxed bets, you will allow your horses to come in any position in a combination bet. This is the opposite of exacta bets.

For further information, read the specific pages designed for each Betting type in horse gambling.

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