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Horse racing games are a type of virtual horse race. These games emulate live horse races, though in a digital version. While they may not run the same as a live horse race, they are the closest thing possible to having a race whenever you please. Virtual horse races typically run every two to ten minutes, allowing players to experience horse races on demand. This is the most common type of horse racing game, though not all of them require you to take the role of the bettor. Some are more mutable, versatile, and enjoyable than others.

bookmakerWhile you may not be able to place wagers on the horse racing games that allow you to assume a role beyond the bettor, they will allow you a look into the world of owning a racehorse through a digital medium. These games usually operate through a browser based flash program, thus negating the need to have to download anything. Furthermore, many of the USA online racebooks will offer a form of horse racing games in their gaming platforms. While these games are typically biased and carry predetermined odds, they are still a fun and entertaining way to wager on horses without the use of a track.

Though entertaining, these horse racing games will never be as exciting and, in most cases, as lucrative as real horse races. Since there are tracks all over the world and online racebooks will take bets for these tracks, there should always be a line available for betting. Unless you are aiming to place wagers in the middle of the night, then you will have little choice but to use the horse racing games in order to place wagers. Since these games emulate live horse racing rather strictly, the differences will not be to severe. The odds, the statistics and all of the other information required to place a bet will still apply as if you were watching and participating in a live race.

The use of virtual horse racing games has allowed for an unprecedented amount of horse betting. The Internet has brought us many things, and new forms of gambling are one of the most popular of those new additions to culture on a while. While many of us must turn to online racebooks for our horse betting, many more are turning to horse racing games to get a deeper experience than watching or listening to the races on television or radio. Many racebooks and casinos offer these virtual races, so you should never be without the opportunity to enjoy your games.

Best Racebooks For Betting on Horse Racing Games


For all of your horse racing games, look into DSI. Their sportsbook has an all inclusive racebook, one that should cover every possible race that is worth coverage. Upon signing up, players will receive an immediate 20% match to $500 dollar bonus. This bonus can be spread around all of the games, thus allowing you essentially free access to all of the games found through DSI. DSI accepts more deposit methods than any other racebook, making them one of the easiest to use. Including in their accepted methods is UseMyWallet, eWalletXpress, 900Pay, e-checks, credit cards all most varieties, and prepaid cards. Though expections may run high, DSI is capable of surpassing all and more, allowing for an unprecedented gaming experience. Visit DSI


Plenty of horse racing games are to be found through Bookmaker, one of the most trusted online racebooks. Players will be able to receive a 10% match bonus, good for up to $500 dollars in extra funds. Signing up, depositing, and wagering is made simple through Bookmaker, as they have made it a point to enable bettors the easiest possible time when it comes to wagering on horses and the games. This is one of the most widely used racebooks on the Internet, as they have gone through great lengths to ensure all players will be content with what they find. Though there are many racebooks available, not many can compete with the awesome power of Bookmaker. Visit Bookmaker

Rank Online Racebook Reviews Racebook Bonuses Tracks Visit
1 DSI Racebook Review 20% to $500 / 8% Rebate Program 100+ VISIT
2 BookMaker Racebook Review 20% to $500 / 8% Rebate Program 100+ VISIT
3 CaribSports Racebook Review 50% to $250 / 5% Rebate Program 20+ VISIT
4 Bovada Racebook Review 20% - $100 / 3% to 5% Rebate 80+ VISIT
5 BetJamaica Racebook Review 100% to $100 / Up to 7.5% Rebates 120+ VISIT
6 Intertops Racebook Review 25% to $100 10+ VISIT