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Picking a particular event way ahead of time is what is referred to as a Futures Bet. This is usually used in major events like the Kentucky Dery or Breeder's Cup, but can also be used to pick overall winners such as in the Triple Crown. This affords the opportunity for bettors peer into the crystal ball a little bit, and usually get pretty good odds on their bet. Because of the difficult nature of the bet, many times the odds will be very good when choosing on a Future Bet, better than if they were made on the day of the event.

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The reason for this is because of the ever-changing nature of information. There is no way to predict exactly what will happen in the weeks or months leading up to the race. There could and will be changes in the race. If you wait until the day of the race, you have waited for all the information you can possibly receive before making a sensible bet through Online Racebooks. By doing this, you are, in essence, paying for the information by receiving a lesser payout than you would on a Future's Bet.

There might be an injury or a late omission by one of the races in a particular race, changing the very make-up of the race. This is why a Future's Bet is so risky. Picking something to happen way in advance without knowing what happens in between could spell doom for winning chances. But it can also spell big money because the odds tend to weaken in the days approaching the race.

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Occasionally, however, Future Bets won't payout as handsomely as hoped. There are instances in which a horse might be running very well or a history of performing well on a particular track surface. In this occurances, a track might not offer good odds to the bettor, which in turn, makes it a lot less desirable. In this case, the difference between a Futures Bet and a bet on the day of the race isn't that wide, and it is better to have current information.

Best Racebooks For Placing Futures Bets

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