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While betting on horses is an enjoyable experience at Online Racebooks, most people are not betting for the entertainment factor. Most people who are going to the tracks are doing so to have a shot at winning cash. While it may not always be a huge win, there is still money to be had, and these come according to horse racing payouts. Payouts vary according to the odds that the track has set on your horse, and this becomes even more complicated when involving more than one horse per bet. Though the odds may not dictate your horse or horses chance of winning, they do directly set your payout, and monitoring these odds is essential for determining your horse racing payoffs.

dsi racebookThe mathematics are simple, and typically rely on fractions and decimals, however you choose to calculate it. For example, you place a one dollar bet. The odds on your horse are 1-to-1 against, or even, you will double up, giving you your initial wager back plus the wager tacked on. 2-to 1 odds will give you twice what you initially invested on top of the wager itself. In this instance, your one dollar will turn into three. On the other hand, your horse and one dollar bet carry a 1:2 pay out. With the 1-to-2 odds, your pay out will drop to $1.50, giving you half of what you invest on top of the initial investment.

If you remember middle school math, you can may remember proportions. Horse betting payouts are determined according to your wager according to the proportion of the odds. If you have a calculator handy, this will be an easier determination. First, convert the fraction to a decimal by dividing the bottom number, or the denominator, into the top number, or the numerator. This will give you a decimal number, which will then be multiplied by the number you wagered. This will give you a third number, which is to be added to the first, giving you your total pay out.

Looking deeper into the math of the payout, You will start with your wager, or X. Your wager, or X, is two dollars. Your odds, or Y, will then be 3-to-2. Divide three into two and you will end up with 1.5, or one and a half. To recap so far - the wager, or X, is 2, while the odds, or Y, are 1.5. Multiply X by Y, or 2 times 1.5, and you end up with Z, or 3. Add X and Z, and you end up with P, your pay out. In this example, P will be equal to 5 dollars.

The calculation, if looked at from an overview, will be X*Y = Z, Z+X = P.

bodog racebook

While this may look confusing, you will not have much difficulty calculating your odds, though if you are serious about determining your payout in advance, you may want to bring a pocket calculator to the race track. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy the races.

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