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Though one of the more confusing forms of gambling, horse racing has been an entertaining way to bring friends, family, and profit together like never before. Sports bets can take hours or days to elapse, casino games can have slated odds, and card games can sometimes prove disheartening, but horse races, regardless of why you are watching them, are some of the most exciting couple of minutes in the world. As a confusing sport to begin, some players have been seeking a horse betting guide. As always, we deliver, and this should give you a general guideline about where to start.

When looking at the horses listed in the race, make sure that you note as much about each horse as possible. Everything about the horse can be important, even coloring sometimes. While at a live track, you will get a look at the horses. This is important, as you can typically tell a healthy horse from an unhealthy horse. You may not have the same luxury through an online racebook, though you may be able to find images or live feed through the online racebook of your choice. Age, experience, jockey, and even the type and condition of the track can make a big difference when trying to decide on a wager. All of this information is essentially, particularly in parimutuel wagering where the odds are set according to the number of people betting on particular lines, where as fixed odds betting will give you a general baseline of the odds on a successful bet as set by the oddsmakers backing the USA online racebooks.


Speaking of odds, it is vitally important to check all of the odds appropriate to your bet, else you take the risk of throwing away what may have been a perfectly good bet. Fixed odds are always significant, as oddsmakers do not wish to pay out large sums on a heavily favored horse. Fixed odds will show you a baseline for betting, as they are always slated against the favored horses, which will receive a small payout should they be the winner. Parimutuel odds are somewhat different, in that they are generated through the number of bets placed on a particular horse or line. This can turn the bets into more of a popularity contest than anything else, though the lines may not always be slanted toward random betting, as serious bettors will always be involved. Thus, in parimutuel betting, you can never trust the odds alone - you must follow all of the information found in this guide to horse betting. Keeping up with all of the information surrounding a horse and his or her jockey is essential, as this is the only way that you can accurately judge a bet.

If you ever hope to be a successful horse bettor, you should not only keep track of the horses, but also learn some of the horse betting systems. Systems can help, but will never replace the necessity of following a horse's statistics. Systems are more of a way to manage your bankroll rather than how to bet, as one system cannot usually cover every type of wager, for there are many. The most common wagers are the Win, Place, and Show, or first, second, or third place wagers. There are also the quinnella, trifecta, and superfecta bets, which require the choosing of two, three, and four horses, respectively. These bets are slightly more difficult to gauge, though are always more bountiful. With the quinella, trifecta, and superfecta, all of your horses must come in the position you have chosen, unless you choose to box the bet. Boxing a bet means that those horses can come in any position, provided they come in one of the ranks that you've set. Other such bets, as parlays, are also difficult to gauge, as they require betting on different horses in different races.

bodog racebookManaging your bankroll is also very important. Never place all of your money on one horse, as this will take the fun out of the remainder of the evening. Only by carefully managing your money can you stay ahead, as you may otherwise bust too soon. A general guideline is to adjust your bets according to how much you have in your bankroll. Assuming you have $100 dollars, it would be apt to play no more than 5% on win, place, or show bets, nor exceed 10% on your quinella, trifecta, or superfecta bets. Any horse betting guide will tell you that you should adjust your betting according to how much you have to use, and never exceed those limits. As always, only bet what you can afford, and never throw around more money than you can handle on one bet if you have lost throughout the day. Recouping losses should happen naturally, as forcing it can send even more money down the drain.

As betting experience grows, one will have to learn not only the different types of bets, but the types of horses and their abilities. Like humans, these horses have personalities. The horse's personality can have an affect on the outcome of the race, and can always prove unpredictable. Regardless of what sort of horse wagering guide you may have, there will always be a degree of luck involved, as with any other form of gambling. Knowing is only half the battle, but it is perhaps the most important half. If you are ever unsure of your wager, don't take it. You may not like the results.

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