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Horse racing, since the earliest of civilization, has been a highly popular sporting event, and today's world is no different. From ancient Roman chariot races to today's thoroughbreds, horse racing has made a strong impact. There are two major types of horse racing commonly enjoyed, that being harness racing and traditional racing. While these are both different types of horse racing, they are by far the most common, and can both be found at many of the major tracks around the world, even though certain tracks dedicate themselves to one type or the other, broken down by distance. Both types of racing will be available through USA online racebooks, and whichever you choose can prove an entertaining form of betting.

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Thoroughbred racing is the basic style of horse racing. Thoroughbred horses, usually under a certain age, are mounted by a jockey and sped around the track. These races are typically longer, and the horses maintain a fast paced gallop rather than a pace or trot. Armed with not but basic tack and a whip, the jockey directs the horse around the track at a rapid pace. While unburdened by any tow, thoroughbred horses manage to reach speeds that a harnessbound horse could never dream to reach. Thoroughbred horse races are run around the world, and is the most common type of race available.

bodog racebookThe other of the two different kinds of horse racing is that of the harness races. Harness races involve the horse dragging around a small, light weight card, commonly referred to as the a sulky. A jockey, in this case named a driver, drives the horse from the cart in the back. Harness races are moderately slower than regular races, as the driver and cart ensure that the horses will remain at a pace, keeping a steady speed rather than a rapid sprint. If a horse breaks into a gallop at any time during the race, then they are required to slow down or be disqualified. Be it trotting or pacing, there will be harness races all year round, and there is even a championship devoted entirely to harness races.

Though there are differences between harness racing and thoroughbred racing, both are equally exciting and both carry a potential for earning. The statistics and odds required to make a sound bet on both types will differ, so if you find that you can excel in one form or another, it might be best to stick that form of horse racing. USA online racebooks will cater to your tastes, either way you wish to proceed.

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