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world series of pokerThe 2011 World Series of Poker is right around the corner, and this year is likely to be different from the last few years in several major ways. First and foremost, there is the fact that the WSOP Circuit tournaments have been almost completely revamped. This is probably going to help bring in more players to the big event out in Vegas. There is also a complication. Most entrants into the WSOP Main Event came from online poker rooms, and the largest USA poker rooms have recently been blocked from accepting more members from the United States. This is likely to have a really bad effect on the WSOP it self, quite possibly shrinking the field significantly. There are still many online poker rooms available, such as Bodog, so the ability to satellite or step into the WSOP main event has not been completely thrown out the door.

Going into the 2011 World series of Poker, there will be several distinct changes. First off, there is one extra event. Instead of only 57 events, there will be 58. A new tournament has been added into the fray, a series of rematches. These rematches will pit players against each other in classic match ups, including Chris Moneymaker and Sammy Farha from the 2003 WSOP Main Event, Johnny Chan versus Phil Hellmuth to re-contest the 1989 WSOP Main Event, and a "fan choice" rematch that will pit the two players together that fans want to see the most. Mixed games, Omaha, Texas Hold 'em, stud games, low ball and everything else from the previous year will return, as will the main event's November 9 format that has been going on for the last four years. With tens of millions of dollars on the table, players will be enticed by some of the largest prizes in all of poker. Sadly, however, the main event may be somewhat thinner this year than previous years, especially considering the enormity of these events.

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2011 World Series of Poker Tournament Schedule

The schedule for the 2011 World Series of Poker is somewhat longer this year than it was last year, as one event has been added. The ballot is full of no limit hold 'em tournaments, the famous championship events and many more. The Poker Player's Championship has come back for another year, and the schedule even has rematches of classic games in the mix. With lower buy-ins and a large number of tournaments, players of all walks of life should be able to participate in one of the prestigious bracelet events built into the 2011 WSOP Schedule.

Start Date 2011 WSOP Event Buy-In Info & Updates
5/31/2011 #1 - Casino Employees No Limit Hold Em $500
5/31/2011 #2 - Heads Up NL Hold Em Championship $25,000
6/1/2011 #3 - Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or Better $1,500
6/2/2011 #4 - No Limit Hold Em $5,000
6/2/2011 Inaugurual Rematch Event Freeroll
6/2/2011 #5 - Seven Card Stud $1,500
6/3/2011 #6 - Limit Hold Em $1,500
6/3/2011 #7 - Pot Limit Hold Em Championship $10,000
6/4/2011 #8 - No Limit Hold Em $1,000
6/4/2011 #9 - Deuce Seven Draw Lowball (NL) $1,500
6/6/2011 #10 - Six Handed No Limit Hold Em $1,500
6/6/2011 #11 - Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or Better Champ. $10,000
6/7/2011 #12 - Triple Chance No Limit Hold Em $1,500
6/8/2011 #13 - No Limit Hold Em Shootout (2K Max) $1,500
6/8/2011 #14 - Limit Hold Em $3,000
6/9/2011 #15 - Pot Limit Hold Em $1,500
6/9/2011 #16 - Deuce Seven Draw Lowball Champ. (NL) $10,000
6/10/2011 #17 - H.O.R.S.E. $1,500
6/11/2011 #18 - No Limit Hold Em $1,500
6/11/2011 #19 - Six Handed Limit Hold Em $2,500
6/12/2011 #20 - No Limit Hold Em $1,000
6/12/2011 #21 - Seven Card Stud Championship $10,000
6/13/2011 #22 - Pot Limit Omaha $1,500
6/13/2011 #23 - Eight Game Mix $2,500
6/14/2011 #24 - No Limit Hold Em Shootout (2K Max) $5,000
6/14/2011 #25 - Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8 or Better $1,500
6/15/2011 #26 - Six Handed No Limit Hold Em $2,500
6/15/2011 #27 - Limit Hold Em Championship $10,000
6/16/2011 #28 - No Limit Hold Em $1,500
6/16/2011 #29 - Six Handed Ten Game Mix $2,500
6/17/2011 #30 - Senior's No Limit Hold Em Championship $1,000
6/17/2011 #31 - Pot Limit Omaha $3,000
6/18/2011 #32 - No Limit Hold Em $1,500
6/18/2011 #33 - Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split 8 or Better $10,000
6/19/2011 #34 - No Limit Hold Em $1,000
6/20/2011 #35 - Six Handed Pot Limit Omaha $5,000
6/21/2011 #36 - No Limit Hold Em $2,500
6/21/2011 #37 - H.O.R.S.E. Championship $10,000
6/22/2011 #38 - No Limit Hold Em $1,500
6/22/2011 #39 - Pot Limit Hold Em / Omaha $2,500
6/23/2011 #40 - Six Handed No Limit Hold Em $5,000
6/24/2011 #41 - Limit Hold Em Shootout $1,500
6/24/2011 #42 - Pot Limit Omaha Championship $10,000
6/25/2011 #43 - No Limit Hold Em $1,500
6/25/2011 #44 - Seven Card Razz $2,500
6/26/2011 #45 - No Limit Hold Em $1,000
6/27/2011 #46 - Six Handed No Limit Hold Em Champ. $10,000
6/27/2011 #47 - Omaha / 7 Card Stud Hi-Low Split 8 Better $2,500
6/28/2011 #48 - No Limit Hold Em $1,500
6/28/2011 #49 - Deuce Seven Draw Lowball Limit $2,500
6/29/2011 #50 - Triple Chance No Limit Hold Em $5,000
6/30/2011 #51 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or Better $1,500
6/30/2011 #52 - Mixed Hold Em Limit / No Limit $2,500
7/1/2011 #53 - Ladies No Limit Hold Em Championship $1,000
7/2/2011 #54 - No Limit Hold Em $1,000
7/2/2011 #55 - The Poker Players Championship $50,000
7/5/2011 #56 - No Limit Hold Em $1,500
7/5/2011 #57 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi Low Split 8 or Better $5,000
7/7/2011 #58 - No Limit Hold Em World Championship $10,000

2011 World Series of Poker Betting Odds

Attention! - Bodog has now released odds for certain proposition bets related to the 2011 World Series of Poker. We're still waiting for the odds to win the main event, but these should tide you over until they are posted. Check out the 2011 WSOP Betting Odds at Bodog

One of the most exciting aspects of the World Series of Poker is betting on the events. In the weeks preceding the beginning of the 2011 WSOP, you will see that USA sportsbooks have also decided to partake in the events. Though unrelated to the actual events, you will find that online sportsbooks offer their players the ability to wager on the results of the events in the poker tournament. Prop bets and wagers on the outcome of the tournaments themselves are all set to be avialable through online sportsbooks. With these odds you can turn the WSOP into an interactive experience, whether or not you decide to try to enter.

Players Favored to Win 2011 WSOP

phil iveyAs with last year, Phil Ivey is a possible favorite going into the upcoming WSOP. Phil Ivey has been making very deep runs in the WSOP main event over the last years, and it is likely that he will continue to dominate the tables. While he has not had the most luck in the main event, he has managed to cash consistently. He currently possesses eight WSOP bracelets, and it is likely that he will add another to his collection. With two in 2009 and one in 2010, Ivey has managed to become one of the most feared players at the table.

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi has exceeded $11,000,000 in live tournament winnings, with just under half of that stemming from the World Series of Poker. He had successfully made a deep run in the 2010 WSOP, ultimately placing 5th place in the event. Though he only owns one bracelet from the World Series of Poker, Mizrachi has always been a consistent, stable player. We have seen that some online sportsbooks have him as a favored player to make a deep run, though only time will tell if he manages to run deep in the upcoming year's event. Stay tuned for more information about Mizrachi's chances of winning the 2011 WSOP main event as we will have odds posted here as soon as they become available.

Phil Hellmuth is coming into the 2011 WSOP with high hopes for success. He is going to be pit against Johnny Chan for a rematch from their heads up action in the 1989 WSOP, in which Hellmuth won his first bracelet and made history. Hellmuth was rapidly ejected from the 2010 Main Event, getting knocked out in Day 1. Hellmuth's wins have long come from smaller events, and he may end up having better luck going into the next year due to the fact that the field is likely to be smaller. Since PokerStars, Absolute Poker, UltimateBet and Full Tilt have been banished from the American market, players who had entered through these poker rooms in previous years are now unable to do so.

Tom Dwan didn't manage to take down a bracelet last year, despite having laid a reported million dollars in bets to win an event. He did manage to succeed in an event with a field of over 3,000, running down to the second place position to ultimately lose in heads up play. Dwan has only recently been able to begin playing through live tournaments, though he has made a major name for himself through the online poker rooms, specially cash games. Tom Dwan is likely to be favored to win an event this year, despite his shortcomings last year. Dwan's participation in the 2011 WSOP will likely be across a number of different events, though it is unlikely that he will be laying as many bets on his success this year - especially with the shut down of Full Tilt Poker.