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world series of pokerThe World Series of Poker is the oldest, largest, and most prestigious gaming competition in the world. Las Vegas, the City of Sin, plays host to the World Series of Poker on an annual basis. Poker champs come from all over the world to participate in the fun, share drinks and stories, and, of course, play some serious poker. Participation has brought more than 8,000 people to Las Vegas to get involved in the game play, and with each sign up comes a bigger prize pool. Since the early 1990's, the main event has yielded over a million dollars as the top prize. Entrants are required to pay an entrance fee of $10,000 US dollars, which can ultimately be used in the $10,000 dollar no limit hold'em main event. Perhaps the most coveted prize, however, is the World Series of Poker bracelet, particularly the one from the main event, that the winner proudly walks away with. This is more coveted, among the professional poker players, than any cash prize.

The first World Series of Poker occured in 1970. Benny Binion, who was a well known casino owner and poker enthusiast, created the World Series of Poker as an invitational. He sent invites to six of the most world renowned poker players to the Horseshoe Casino. The World Series of Poker initially grew slowly, but after 12 years it garnered 52 contenders in 1982. Growth skyrocketed from then on, leading to 2,100 entrants in the tournament by 1987. Ever since then, the World Series of Poker has volcanically erupted into an amalgamated blend of the World's best, or in some cases, most affluent poker players.

The main event of the World Series of Poker is a $10,000 dollar no-limit Texas Hold'em game in which thousands of players come to partake in. Very few Have one the main event more than once, and only two people have won thrice - Stu Ungar and Johnny Moss. Ungar, Doyle Brunson, and Johnny Chan were the only players to win two consecutive main events two years running. The World Series of Poker can make or break a poker star's career, and is widely  considered to be the poker world's premier tournament. It truly is a privilege to be able to compete in this set of tournaments.

The World Series of Poker hosts 57 different events, the most prominent being that of the World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em. The World Series Of Poker Main Event carries a $10,000 buy-in and requires entrants to submit their registration and payment two weeks prior to the event. There are also ways to win yourself a spot, by competing in World Series of Poker Satellite Events. You can find these satellite tournaments at many online USA Poker rooms. On top of the Texas Hold'em games, they also host Mixed events, Omaha Hold'em, Seven Card Stud games, and Hi-Lo variations. Each of the 57 events carries a bracelet to be won, a highly sought after display of prowess and victory.

Needless to say, the World Series of Poker is the ultimate in a hardcore poker enthusiasts dream. The WSOP is a highly televised and publicized event, which serves as the best way to get your name as a poker player known. Thousands flock to Las Vegas, to USA Casinos, every year to partake, and millions watch from their homes world wide. Even if participants do not take home a piece of the winnings or better still a sense of glory and victory, players will always rest well at night knowing they took part in something big. The impact the World Series of Poker has had on the poker world is unbelievably grand, and should never be downplayed from what it is - the alpha and omega of poker tournaments.