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IMPORTANT: Full Tilt Poker has been shutdown by the U.S. government. As of April 15th, 2011, players from the United States are no longer allowed to play poker at Full Tilt Poker.

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Full Tilt has established itself as one of the top online poker sites in the world. They are open to all U.S players and have tons of ways to deposit. Full Tilt Poker was open in 1994 and is licensed by the Kolyma Corporation in Aruba. They also have tons of professional players that come and play on their site while giving amateur players the chance to go head to head. Full Tilt software is very clean and makes finding a table a piece of cake. Once you are in a room you have to ability to adjust the look of it by adding crazy avatars or changing the scenery. Full Tilt really blows away the competition, other USA Online Poker Rooms, with their huge tournaments. They offer so many while some with gigantic prize pools up to $750,000 guaranteed. They also have some great promotions that all players can take advantage of. If you are looking for an outstanding and steady poker room, you should definitely check out Full Tilt. However, online poker is nothing like live poker and we do not really suggest that our visitors play online poker at all. If you are going to play though, this is as good as any of the USA friendly poker rooms.

Is Full Tilt Poker Legal In The USA For USA Players?

Full Tilt is one of the largest online poker rooms primarily because they are one of the legal USA poker rooms. Many of Full Tilt's players come from the United States.

Full Tilt Poker Games Offered
There are many variations of poker that Full Tilt offers including: Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud, Razz and many mixed games like HORSE and HA.

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Full Tilt Poker Bonuses
Full Tilt offers a plethora of bonuses to get started with and we cover them in our Review of Full Tilt Poker. Once you make you first deposit, they will match it 100% up to $600. You can pick up the bonus by essentially playing hands on Full Tilt. Every point you earn is worth $.06 so you can literally earn $18 per hundred hands. These bonuses are just like the sign up bonuses you get with USA Casinos, except for it is at a USA Poker Room.

Full Tilt Poker Tournaments
Full Tilt leads the way for online poker tournaments. They offer hundreds throughout the week, many with huge cash prizes. One of their largest tournaments Full Tilt offers is the Sunday Brawl. This is a $240 tournament where $40 goes to the Knockout bonus. Literally every time you knock somebody out, you are credited with a $40. There are many other big tournaments on Sunday like the $750,000 Guarantee and the Sunday Mulligan which is worth up to $200,000. They also have the 200K Double Deuce Tournaments.

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Full Tilt Poker Deposit Methods
Full Tilt offers simple and safe ways to get rolling on their poker room. The have some sweet bonuses to get started with and offer tons of easy ways to deposit. Here are the following ways to deposit on Full Tilt: VISA /Mastercard, Instant echeck, and Cash Transfer. Full Tilt is among the Most Trusted USA Poker Rooms, rest easy when depositing there.

Full Tilt Poker Withdrawal Methods
Full Tilt presents some easy ways to cash out your winnings. They allow for payments in the program through Neteller and Click2pay. They also can send checks via USPS.

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Full Tilt Poker Special Features
Full Tilt has some great special features that aren't normally offered at Poker Sites That Accept USA Players, that they offer to all of their players. We knew you'd be interested, and that is why we included them in our Full Tilt Poker Review. First off, they have Full Tilt Tournament Leaderboard that shows all the top players for tournaments. Full Tilt will reward these tops players with many cash prizes and tournament buys in. They also offer some great qualifiers to all their players. Full Tilt also gives the true grinders some love. For all the players that hit the tables consistently and regularly, Full Tilt will reward them with Iron Man Medals. These Medals can be exchanged for tournament tokens and cash prizes. Lastly they also give some fantastic advice and tips, like Chris Ferguson’s Bankroll management. Ferguson turned $0 to $10,000 on Full Tilt from Freerolls and small tournaments.

Full Tilt Customer Service
Full Tilt goes out of their way to provide outstanding customer support to all their players. They offer an quick response email system to cater to all their poker players. Here are the following ways to contact Full Tilt Poker: Help- Support@FullTilt.com, Cashier- Cashier@fulltilt.com

Notes About Full Tilt

When playing at Full Tilt, you will notice that there is at least one player at every table that complains about how many bad beats there seem to be on Full Tilt. This is probably just a player that got beat recently by a person that should not have called in the first place. That is the nature of poker at Full Tilt. You will have many people call you down with bullshit hands that should not be there. Then when they hit their two pair of bullshit it seems like the poker room is rigged. It is in fact just how it goes and it should not necessarily reflect bad on Full Tilt. If you can not take bad beats then you definitely should not play at Full Tilt or any other online poker room. You will see more bad beats for whatever reason and you will just get mad because of it. We suggest you go play at an online casino or bet on sports if you are likely to get mad over a bad beat.

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Full Tilt Poker Jackpot Bonuses

Full Tilt doesn’t offer any huge like Bad Beat or Royal Flush Jackpots, but does have many other ways to get bonuses. You can collect Full Tilt points and even use those to play tournaments.

Full Tilt Poker Traffic

Full Tilt Poker has tons of players on at all times. On average they have about 35,000 players on. During peak hours you can probably find around 60,000 players. You're sure to find a game with that traffic.