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reefer poker logoPoker and pot, two beautifully misunderstood hobbies but it has not gone un-noted at Reefer Poker. While they are not always the best hobby to mix, some players refuse to even touch the cards unless they have taken a hit of the herb most calming. We found a new site that glorifies both poker and pot, Reefer Poker. Whether you are a stoner, past or present, or even just a card shark looking for a new spin on poker, check out the Reefer Poker Review and you may find a site that you could comfortably put in your pipe and smoke. Reefer Poker is perhaps the most unique of all USA Friendly Poker Rooms, making it one of the most interestingly provocative poker experience a player could have. Do not be deceived by the poker-pot connection, as this is still a business - one that does not fail to remain at the pinnacle of integrity. While not the largest poker room, nor the most experienced, their games are sure to please - especially if you are the type of player who is into big bonuses.

Is Reefer Poker Legal In The USA For USA Players?

Reefer poker was designed for the American player above nearly any other. Their poker room has many specials specifically for the United States.

Reefer Poker Games Available

Our Review of Reefer Poker showed us that they have many available games to be played. All of the favorites are included, as well as some of the more uncommon varieties. Obviously, Texas and Omaha hold 'em are included, as are the stud games, be it seven or five card. Mixed games are also available, including H.O.R.S.E, and H.O.S.E.. Euchre, low ball games, Badugi, video poker, and blackjack are also available, making this one of the most diverse, Best USA Poker Rooms available. Unique to Reefer Poker is also the custom game - players can choose the rules and format they wish to play, and mutate the game to their whim.

Reefer Poker Bonuses And Reefer Poker Bonus Codes

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Our Reefer Poker Review found one thing that stood out above all else - their deposit bonus. Most USA Poker Bonuses will grant a meager $600 dollars, perhaps as high as $1,100, but the magic number for all stoners is 420. This is why Reefer Poker deposit bonuses equal to $1,420 dollars, matched at a rate of 150%. This is their biggest bonus available, using the very punny bonus code HIGHROLLER. They also offer a smaller bonus with a lower VIP point distribution rate, using the code REALLYCOOL. As the name suggests, this popular bonus grants a cool 150% match to $420 dollars. The match rates and the amount they offer is higher than most other poker sites, but it does not end there. Their reload bonus, using the code NAKEDSTONER, will give a 30% match to $300 dollars. So even busting, as we found in our Reefer Poker review, is not that bad of a deal.

Poker Tournaments At Reefer Poker

No Poker Site That Accepts USA Players would be complete without tournaments. Reefer poker offers their own brand of special tournaments, as well as the traditional tournaments any poker site should have. The Smoke the Competition tournament adds to the fun by creating a leaderboard for tournament wins, paying the leader an extra bonus at the end of a set time period. Thousands of dollars are up for grabs in free roll tournaments, sit and go tournaments are always being held, and satellites leading to prize packages for major live events are also there, making Reefer Poker a solid choice for any serious card shark. Bounty tournaments and the occasional shoot out also exist, making for a break from the typical standard tournament format.

Deposit Methods At Reefer Poker

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One of the best features found in our Review of Reefer Poker was their lengthy list of USA Poker Deposit Methods. Multiple choices are available, even more than most poker sites. As with any USA online poker room, players will be able to use their VISA or MasterCard to make deposits. Should a player not wish to use their card to fund their account, players can turn to e-wallets. Click2Pay, UseMyWallet, and eWalletXpress can all be used to make deposits through Reefer Poker. Each method carries its own fees and limits, but they all work equally well. The only bad thing to be said about Reefer Poker in this respect is that they do not directly accept e-checks. To make an e-check deposit, players will have to turn back to e-wallets. Wire transfers are also available, and even with a strikingly low limit of $10 dollars.

Reefer Poker Promotions

reefer poker logoMost poker sites have unique little additions to set them apart from the rest, and Reefer Poker does have their special features. In addition to the marijuana based theme, Reefer Poker offers an entire glossary of toking terminology, for entertainment purposes only, of course. The bad beat jackpot is available, offering a player who takes a massive blow to their pride by losing with an amazing hand tens of thousands of dollars, all for being a loser. Their Royal Flush bonus will give any player who hits a Royal Flush using their two hole cards will be awarded the big blind times one hundred in free cash. There is also the Bad Beat Sit and Go, a type of SnG tournament in which a player will be refunded their buy in for the tournament if they lose a hand with a pocket pair of aces. Reefer Online Poker promotions are regularly being added, so it is always best to stay in check with their site to stay high on information.

Player Traffic At Reefer Poker

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At any given moment, Reefer Poker has over 3,000 players actively at the tables. While not as large as some of the bigger, more established USA Online Poker sites, this simply means that you will never have to wait for a table to open up. Nothing is as agitating as having only minutes to play poker and you just want to get in a few cash hands, but you can't because every last table is full. While the cross section of people is less diverse, the convenience factor adds to the enjoyability of the site.

Reefer Poker Customer Service

Though presumably operated by stoners, you will not be hung out to dry if you need assistance through their customer service department. The customer service team did not sound blazed when we called to prompt them with a few sample questions, so either they are weekend warriors or they do not mix work with fun. They all spoke lucid English, which enabled us to receive the help we need without any hassle or miscommunication. This was a good mark and a reason we had to include a Reefer Poker Review with the other Most Trusted USA Poker Rooms.

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