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Poker has always been one of the most popular card games, and recent times have seen its popularity explode. With televised events, poker rooms sprouting up throughout the United States, and USA online poker rooms rising in popularity and legality, a constant stream of new players has started to join in on the games. Whether playing online or in land based enterprises, these new players have stiff competition from those who have already established themselves as a poker player. Due to its popularity, many of the professional players have compiled their experience in books. Some of the best poker books have been adapted for the new age of online poker as well as the land based ring and tournament games that have helped make the industry one worth billions of dollars. Even experienced players would be encouraged to read poker books, as an abundance of knowledge is always beneficial compared to relative ignorance.

The best books about poker typically include tips, suggestions, and strategies surrounding both cash games, or ring games, and tournaments. Contained there in should also be terminology and how it can be applied to help your game. Regardless of your experience level, the most recommended poker books should help you along in your career. Whether or not you aim to make money or have fun, these books should grant some insight into how the game is played and how to develop your skills into a more bountiful experience. As with any game involving thought, such as chess or Risk, remaining flexible and adaptable if essential. Recommended poker reading is more as list of guidelines rather than rules and restrictions, as a player capable of thinking on their feet is bound to be more successful than he or she who would try to use the same rules for every game and every player.

Top Poker Books

Any list of required reading for poker is that of The Theory of Poker. The Theory of Poker is one of the most comprehensive guides on the game of poker. Written by David Sklansky, a professional gambler, The Theory of Poker documents every major theme in the games of poker. Psychology, table position, theory, odds, deception, betting, and the Fundamental Theorem of Poker are explained in this text. This is one of the leading books explaining some of the most significant themes in poker, and is guaranteed to increase your abilities as a player as well as provide an interesting read.

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One of the most revered of the best poker books is that of the Super System. Written by Doyle Brunson, the godfather of poker, the Super System is widely regarded as one of the most influential and significant books in the industry. Every facet of the most commonly played poker games, including some strategy for mixed games. Over 600 pages of information are bound within these covers. The Super System is considered required reading for any poker player, and is found on the shelves of many of the professionals on the circuit. This book touches on both basic, intermediate, and advanced strategy, giving an overview of the poker mindset on a while. Any player who aspires to advance their career as a poker player should pick this comprehensive guide, as it has the information all players should adapt into their play style.

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Ace On The River is one of the most philosophical of the best poker reading. Ace On The River focuses on the mindset of poker, as well as the outside influences that can affect your game. While this text is geared toward advanced players, even beginners can learn and increase their aptitude from this book. Money management, keeping a cool head, and indeed the sociological aspects of the game are detailed in this book. Rather than focusing solely on the cards you hold, Ace On The River breaks down the game from both playability to the mind, and provides a very intellectual read that would make for a fascinating coffee table decoration.

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Phill Hellmuth is one of the top players in the world, as documented by his eleven World Series of Poker championship bracelets. Hellmuth aims to pass on his knowledge of the game, which has caused this book to become something of a poker textbook. This is similar to a manual on poker, like one would expect to come with their DVD player or television. Since Hellmuth is no casual player, his knowledge of the game gives a rich experience to those players who favor both live games and online poker rooms. Over 400 pages rest between its covers, and each one gives an extensive insight to the game and world of poker.

Phil Hellmuth's Texas Hold 'Em (Collins Gem)

Poker: The Real deal was not written by one player, but rather two professionals in to the game of poker. Rather than technicalities and concepts, this book explains strategy and hand strength. Sample hands are given, diagrams and statistics as well, all designed to improve the game of any poker player - be it a low or high stakes game. By showing players that skill can make or break a poker player, Poker: The Real Deal gives a very insightful and mathematical approach to poker without boring the reader. By citing other poker books, this text gives players a highly detailed examination of the game, and can create a winner out of even the worst playing donkeys.

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Poker is a game of heavy psychology, and reading your opponents can be the difference between taking home the pot or walking away empty handed. In Caro's Book of Poker Tells, players will learn some of the most common mistakes beginners make when playing poker. Knowing tells is essential for any poker player, and can also be adapted to life outside of the table. As one of the top recommended poker books, Caro's Book of Poker Tells helps players identify those players who are clueless as well as those players who are acting as if they have nothing. The psychology of poker is essential for players who aim to increase their winning percentages as well as their entertainment value. Falling into traps can be dangerous for any player, and the Book of Poker Tells will help you identify many of the most common fallacies players occasional fall into. Though other books will help explain how and when to play, only the Book of Poker Tells will help advance this facet of game play.

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Texas Hold 'em is the most popular variant of poker, and Phil Hellmuth is one of the leading players in the industry. Having won eleven World Series of Poker bracelets, each in the game of Texas Hold 'em, his is considered an authority on the game. This book describes the top ten hands to be played, as well as general play on Texas Hold 'em. The only real complaint we had with this book is that he did not focus as heavily on tournaments. Since tournament play is where Hellmuth has made his fortunes, many players have been flocking to this book in order to learn more about playing in the massive tournaments that can pay large amounts of money. Despite this one drawback, it remains one of the top poker books on the market.

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Online poker is becoming one of the leading ways people are playing poker, and Matthew Hilger, one of the professional poker players as well as an esteemed author in the industry, has written this book to document different tactics for playing online rather than playing in live venues. When playing online, this book can be kept on your desk or next to your chair while you play online, giving you instant access to the odds and probabilities, as well as bluffing, betting, and keeping the process alive. By using actual hands as a cited example, Hilger has created a well designed text to help players with their online gaming experience.

Internet Texas Hold'em: Winning Strategies from an Internet Pro 

Another book by Matthew Hilger, Internet Texas Hold 'em: Winning Strategies for Full-Ring and Short-Handed Games, is designed to give players further insight into how to run their game both in the beginnin, pre flop, and after the cards hit. Starting hands are explained, then broken off into a step-by-step guide of play. Bluffing, both by you and your opposition, is explained in detail, as are the traps players set, how to make your own, and citable references to be kept on hand while actually playing through the USA online poker rooms. The best poker books can sometimes cost much more than this book, offering less helpful information than these over priced books by competitors. Internet Texas Hold 'em: Winning Strategies for Full-Ring and Short-Handed Games will help you raise the bar of your own standards, augmenting your play style for the better and giving you an on demand tool to be utilized while playing through your favorite USA online poker rooms.

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While the SuperSystem was written back in the 70's, the poker industry has changed significantly. Doyle had come back to his original book and built upon his original system to create the SuperSystem 2. Released in 2005, SuperSystem 2 has released an updated sense of the game. Omaha poker, online poker, heads up tournaments, and multi-table tournaments have also been outlined in this updated version of the original SuperSystem. By juxtaposing both SuperSystem and SuperSystem 2, players can have a better outlook into poker both new, old, and current. As one of the most revered of all players in the industry, Doyle's book, indeed books, have become a staple for all poker players.

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