What Beats What In Poker

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One of the first parts of the game of poker any player needs to learn is that of hand strength. What beats what in poker is essential, as you do not want to end up playing a losing hand aggressively, say a straight, when the possibility of a flush is on the board. Throwing away a winning hand of any strength is always somewhat painful, but remembering just how strong your hand is is quintessential to show consistent winnings. The list is easy to memorize, and keeping up with the winning hands in poker will never fail you as a tool to use at the table when trying to outplay your opposition.

There are nine winning hands in poker, ten if you include just having the highest card with no one having anything better than a pair. The Winning hands in Texas Hold 'em will require anywhere from one to five cards, with one card, the high card, being the worst possible win and the Royal Flush, which requires five cards, being the best possible outcome. Even if two players have the same hand, there is a possibility that the pot will be chopped or one player will take all of the winnings, depending on what each player holds in their pocket and what is on the board. Always remember that hand strength is backed primarily by the cards you are holding, though the winning hands in poker will always be the first determining factor in who wins the pot - other than everyone folding to what could be a hand of nothing.

The Royal Flush - The Royal Flush is the best possible hand in poker. To have a royal flush you will have to have a straight and a flush, all in the same hand with the cards numbering from Ten to an Ace.

Straight Flush - A straight flush is the second best hand, and requires a numerical sequence of all the same suit - Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six of Hearts would be an example.

Four of a Kind - A four of a kind is what you have when you hold all four cards of the same value.

A Full House - Sometimes called a full boat, the full house is a three of a kind and a pair together, for example two aces and three kings.

Flush - Holding five cards of the same suit is known as a flush.

Straight - If you have five cards in numerical order, then you have a straight.

Three of a Kind - A three of a kind is what you hold when you have three cards of the same value.

Two Pair - A two pair is having two pairs, two cards of one value and another two of a different value.

Pair - A pair is two cards of the same rank.

High Card - When no player has any of the winning combinations, then the person holding the highest card will win the pot.

After you have learned the winning hands in poker then you are ready to start learning the rest of the game. Poker is a highly complex affair, and is based not only on luck, but also skill and psychology. To truly become a phenomenal poker player, you may have to practice for hours on end. The best way to learn the hands, in fact, is by practicing. Simply reading this list will never teach you everything you need to know about winning hands and how to play them, so jump into your favorite USA online poker rooms to put your new knowledge to the test - you may come out as a winner in no time.

When you have hand strength down pat, learn some of the Common Beginner Mistakes. These mistakes need to be avoided, as they can cause you to lose even with a winning hand in Texas Hold 'em. Poker is not a simple, clean cut game. Adaptability and intelligence are required for a player to be successful, outside of the aptly named dumb luck, as the game requires a deceitful eye and controlled demeanor. Poker is clearly not a game for anyone, but even playing low stakes for the entertainment value can prove to be a very fulfilling experience.

If you need more information about the game over all, refer to the best poker books. These books will give you more knowledge than you could hope for. You could even keep these books handy when playing through the best USA poker rooms. When you are ready to go into the poker rooms, assuming you have not done so yet, look into USA poker reviews to give yourself a better idea of where to play and how to play your winning Texas Hold 'em hands.