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american idol bettingThe entertainment business is one of the most sought after careers among young people and seeing as how America has a love affair with reality television. It is only natural that we have a reality show, such as American Idol, with American Idol Betting odds, to guide aspiring performers down a long road of hard work and often disappointment. The music industry has proven to be quite cut throat over the past few years. We have seen some very talented performers come and go, without even the slightest chance of making it in the business. Almost every one who dreams to be part of the entertainment industry needs an "In", and for many that chance comes through the hit reality show American Idol.

Background of American Idol

American Idol hit the Fox Network in June of 2002, and has since become a reality show phenomenon. American Idol is one of the most watched television series ever and continues to increase in viewers around the world, season after season. This phenomenon took reality TV betting to a whole new level with Betting On American Idol. American Idol has one objective - to find the most talented young performers that the USA has to offer, and turn one of them into a rising star. The friendly faces we have come to know and love, those that are responsible for making dreams into a reality, are people that have already had a very successful run in the entertainment industry themselves.

American Idol Judges

Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, and the newest addition to the team, Ellen DeGeneres, are responsible for helping discover the next American Idol. All who hold an entertainment background, will bring their own type of experience, expertise, and personality to the table, which should make for a very interesting run season after season. Luckily judges don't solely influence American Idol Betting, you do.

randy jackson american idol judgeRandy Jackson, who is a Grammy Award winning music producer, has seen his share of go arounds in the music industry, seeing as how he is a 20 year veteran to the business. He is one of the most respected producers in the music business and has worked with some of the most successful entertainers, such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celine Deon. Randy brings a fresh new flavor to the show season after season.

american idol judge simon cowellSimon Cowell, what to say about this guy. Although Simon is criticized for speaking his mind and giving the contestants a dose of reality, he is one of the most powerful men in the entertainment business. His involvement in shows such as The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, and America's Got Talent have made him a household name in reality television. Although quite blunt at times, the contestants respect his opinion and know that a good comment from Simon means you are still in the running.

kara dioguardi new american idol judgeGrammy nominated songwriter Kara DioGuardi can be described as the heartfelt judge. While Kara is very knowledgeable in how this tough business works, she can deliver the criticism in a way that is somewhat compassionate. Kara has written chart topping songs for some amazing performers, such as Celine Dion and Christina Agularea. While she may be the sweet one of the bunch, she knows her music and has no problem separating the good from the bad performers.

ellen degeneres on american idolEllen DeGeneres's background may fall more along the lines of daytime entertainment, as she is one of the top talk show hosts, but if you have ever seen her show, you know she gives on heck of a performance each and every time she dances across her stage. Ellen has been involved in several different aspects of the entertainment business and knows talent when she sees it. She is sure to bring a lighter side to the judges table and give us something to look forward to week after week.

Determining the Winner of American Idol

While winning American Idol is every contestants ultimate goal, just being part of the hit reality show can prove to be just as rewarding. The reason for the title American Idol, is because it is up to America to name their next American Idol. America has the final say so and fans of the show can not wait to cast their vote week after week. The actual American Idol Betting takes place from viewers calling in and casting their votes, but betting on American Idol starts now.

American Idol Winners

kelly clarkson american idol winnerwinner of american idol carrie underwoodTurning dreams into reality takes a lot of hard work and dedication. American Idol has proven to be the stepping stone for many aspiring performers that are now a familiar face in the entertainment industry. From Kelly Clarkson, winner of season 1 of American Idol, to other winners such as America's sweetheart, Carrie Underwood, being part of American Idol can turn dreams into a reality.


Best Sportsbooks For American Idol Betting

Online Sportsbooks have found a way for online gamblers to get in on the entertainment betting year round. As soon as one season comes to an end, the judges hit the road in search of the next group of American Idol contestants and now you too can be a part of all the American Idol action. Betting on American Idol is fun, exciting and a way for you to keep up to date with everything happening on American Idol. From judges to contestants, we bring you the most up to date American Idol Betting Lines that can be found at some of the top online sportsbooks, listed below.

Best American Idol Sportsbooks
dsi sportsbookDSI is definitely one of the few sportsbooks that have something for everyone and they are the best of the American Idol sportsbooks. DSI is a great place to make wagers on all your favorite sporting events, and events such as American Idol betting. Betting on American Idol is great for those of you who enjoy the excitement of gambling but don't really follow the casino games. DSI has been around for a number of years and is one of the most respected and trusted online sportsbooks that accept USA players. Visit DSI bookmaker sportsbookBookmaker is the sportsbook all you American Idol fans have been looking for. There are very few places where you can actually wager on things you enjoy keeping up with such as Betting On American Idol. Bookmaker has the best lines to all your favorite sporting eventsand even life events such as television competitions. Bookmaker also offer some very generous bonuses that are available to new players.  Visit BookMaker
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