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miss world crownOne time a year over 100 of the world's most gorgeous women will all gather in one place and compete for the title of Miss World. The Miss World competition has well become one of the highest ranking beauty pageants out there, and encourages the idea of "beauty with a purpose". Viewers are dazzled and entranced with the stunning outfits and grace, but what's even more incredible is what we don't see. The beauty contestants go through intense rehearsals and a more drilling itenerary then even the busiest businessman could even keep up with. But no matter what goes on backstage and behind the scenes, the night of the Miss World competittion is a night of beauty and poise and one of the funnest things on television all year, and Miss World Betting makes it even better. The contestants are from all different background and cultures and when you get so many people from so many backgrounds all in one place, it's bound to be interesting.

Being able to represent your country in the Miss World Pageant is an honor that most women can only dream of, but it's even more incredible to be able to walk away with the respect that comes along with the Miss World crown. As beautiful as each of the women are, they are all more then simply pretty faces, they all have a main cause they represent, something the pageant likes to call "beauty with a purpose". The Miss World Competition has raised over $400 million in support of a variety of children charities. There are a huge number of children lives who have been changed for the better thanks to the contributions and charitable work done by the contestants of Miss World and the organization. Betting on Miss World is one of the funnest ways to get in on the beauty pageant action, and makes watching the show more enjoyable.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting On The Miss World Pageant

Many online sportsbooks get in on the excitement and offer odds for Miss World betting, and if you think watching the competition is fun, then betting on it is even more awesome. Most online sportsbooks have lines on who will win Miss World located in the entertainment betting section of their site. Watching the pageant is always a blast and one of the main television events of the year, so why not win a little money and enhance the experience by betting on Miss World at one of our trusted sportsbooks.

Best Miss World Betting Sportsbooks
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1 DSI Sportsbook 45 VISIT
2 BookMaker Sportsbook 45 VISIT
3 Bovada Sportsbook 45 VISIT
4 BetUS Sportsbook 30 VISIT
5 5 Dimes Sportsbook 15 VISIT
6 Sportsbetting.com 7 VISIT