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americas got talentAmerica's Got Talent has quickly become one of the biggest talent competitions out there, competing against such large shows as American Idol. America's Got Talent, for those of you who are not familiar with it, is like a giant talent show that showcases Americans from all corners of the country, and betting on America's Got Talent is extremely fun. It has a similar audition process to American Idol, in that it travels and kicks off competitors a few at a time through the use of elimination shows, in front of both a judge panel and nationwide audience. And it's no wonder why they have similar qualities as they are both produced by the successful Simon Cowell.

The great thing about America's Got Talent, also about America's Got Talent betting, and the thing that separates it from American Idol and other such shows, is the sheer range of talents that are exhibited on the show. It's the only show where you see singers competing alongside magicians who are competing against comedians and dancers, etc. You really get a taste of everything including some unusual and sometimes spectacular talents that are not everyday skills. It's entertaining mostly because you never know what kind of people or acts you will see, and as the competition gets more and more fierce and the eliminations become more steady you find yourself rooting for a certain contestant.

Best Sportsbooks For America's Got Talent Betting

Online sportsbooks usually offer odds for America's Got Talent betting a after the audition shows are over and the final number of competitors for the remainder of the show is set. Betting on America's Got Talent makes watching the show even more entertaining. Try your hand at being a talent scout and bet on the contestant that you think has what it takes to make it all the way and win. Just check under the entertainment betting section of the online sportsbook you bet at and enhance your America's Got Talent experience by making a little money while you watch one of the best talent shows on television.

Best America's Got Talent Sportsbooks
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Rank America's Got Talent Sportsbooks Betting Odds Listed Ranking Visit
1 DSI Sportsbook Usually Day After Elimination VISIT
2 BookMaker Sportsbook Usually Day After Elimination VISIT
3 Bovada Sportsbook Usually Day After Elimination VISIT
4 BetUS Sportsbook Usually Day After Elimination VISIT
5 5 Dimes Sportsbook Few Days After Elimination VISIT
6 Few Days After Elimination VISIT