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As banking restrictions tighten their grip on USA Sportsbook Deposit Methods, USA players have begun to grasp at straws. One of the straws that have been grasped works so perfectly that players will find a slew of additional perks, other than the obvious perk of being able to deposit into their sportsbook account. Gold Pay Sportsbooks are becoming increasingly popular making Gold Pay one of the hottest new deposit methods around. Like an e-wallet, they act as an intermediary between your banking center and your sports book. This will allow you to circumvent banking restrictions, such as local jurisdiction or frugal credit card issuers. Thus, Gold Pay allows a player to go straight into their sportsbook's account, with no stress or hassle. There are even extra Sportsbook Bonuses, which we will come to shortly.

Now, some deposit methods allow for direct depositing into your USA Online Sportsbooks, but this is not precisely the case with Gold Pay. Gold Pay must be loaded, which will then be used to load your GoldPay Online Sportsbooks account. Because they are dealing in such securities as solid gold, you can also know that they are one of the safest deposit methods available. So safe, in fact, that most of your deposits will not be going through the Internet - rather, a financial institution will be helping you with most of your deposits. This means that there is no possible way for you to lose on your money other than failed bets.

You may be hesitant to purchase gold from a relatively unknown supplier, but rest assured. Gold Pay has received high acclaim through many financial journals, and can be trusted with any amount of your money. They are so sure of their security that anyone who wishes to do so may travel to their offices and have a peek at the gold it self. While the gold is located in Costa Rica, this will not only give you a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of Central America, but also perhaps visit the Most Trusted Online Sportsbooks, as most of them are based in Costa Rica. Their help line is open around the clock, offering assistance to anyone who may need.

Gold Pay Registration

After a brief registration, you will be ready to begin your depositing at GoldPay Sportsbooks. Your account will require a brief verification, but this does not take long and is usually finalized when you sign up. Sign up takes no more than ten minutes, depending on your Internet connection,  so you should find that you are up and ready to go within minutes. When all is said and done, your deposits are ready to go, and you can be the proud owner of gold - that is, until you deposit into your sportsbook or USA online casinos! After that, it is completely on you to take care of and build your bankroll.

Gold Pay Sportsbook Payouts

When you hit your bets, particularly those large parlays, you can now cash out. Cashing out through online Sportsbooks Accepting GoldPay or GoldPay Casinos is particularly exciting. You have two choices when receiving your money. The first is standard, you can receive hard currency. For the more adventurous sports bettor, they also offer another way to withdraw. You can receive your money's weight in gold. Solid gold, in the form of coins or bars. If you, like me, have ever desired to own a solid gold bar, you can now receive as much gold as your winnings.

Best Gold Pay Online Sportsbooks

dsi online sportsbook taking goldpay deposits

Gold Pay Online Sportsbooks come in many forms, but why look beyond Diamond Sportsbook International? DSI, as it is more commonly named, is one of the best online sportsbooks. They offer an army of lines to their players and never fail to disburse winnings when the time comes to pay out. DSI carries two different bonuses for their players, each with a different match ratio and rollover rate. This allows players to choose what sort of wagering requirement they will encounter when trying to cash out. Both carry a monetary limit of $500 dollars, but the ratio can be applied at a 10- or 20% rate. This allows the player to keep their rollover to what they please. The 10% deposit gives a 3x rollover, while the 20% deposit gives a 5x rollover. Gold Pay users must contact the customer service department prior to making a deposit. The process shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes to complete. Visit DSI Sportsbook

bookmaker goldpay sportsbooks

DSI's sister site, Bookmaker, is also a USA Online Sportsbook Accepting Gold Pay. Bookmaker runs lines on all major sports, motor sports, extreme sports, individual sports, and even tennis and golf. Bettors will find that every type of line is also available, and their parlays pay particularly well compared to most other sports betting sites. Bookmaker has received honorable mention from many media outlets, and they never fail to give the customer precisely what they need. They will offer a 10 or 20% deposit bonus, both with a limit of $500 dollars, to players who wish it. They will come with a 3x and 5x rollover respectively, so you can also keep wagering requirements to a level you are comfortable with. Bookmaker also carries a racebook, casino, and poker room for all players who may be interested in those types of gambling. Visit BookMaker

Rank Gold Pay Sportsbook Reviews GoldPay Sports Betting Bonuses Ranking Visit
1 DSI Review $500 With A 20% Match Bonus 5 star ewalletxpress sportsbook Visit
2 BookMaker Review 10 or 20% Match Good To $500 5 star ewalletxpress sportsbook Visit