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The need for new deposit methods has brought many players to American Express sportsbooks. While not the most commonly accepted plastic payment method, the charge card known as American Express has a deep rooted history in the American economy, and is venturing into the world of online gambling. American Express has recently spread into USA Online Sportsbooks, allowing players to make deposits of varying sizes with a charge card rather than a credit card, thus potentially saving you some money on finance charges and interest rates. If you are looking for American Express sportsbooks, than know that we have all of the information you will need in order to get started.

American Express functions just like a credit card in that you will have a card or account number, as well as an expiration date. The information must be transferred into the cashier of your favorite online sportsbook, which can make a deposit immediately and securely. American Express has the fastest USA online sportsbook deposits of nearly any card, which is why we prefer it above most others. While online sportsbooks accepting American Express are not as common as those accepting credit cards, they are still out there and currently allowing players an opportunity to fund their account quickly and easily.

In order to get started in the American Express Sports Betting world, you will have to first receive your AmEx card. Receiving an American Express card is just like opening a bank account or applying for a line of credit. Simply visit American Express's website and you will be able to apply for your card. You will have to have a solidly established credit score, as American Express charge cards are not the easiest card to receive. In fact, since this is a charge card and not a credit card, receiving the card is even more difficult. If you have middle of the road or better credit you should have no difficulty applying for this card. If you receive a rewards card you are in even better shape, as you can receive cash back on your deposits. Know that you will need a credit score of at least 650 in order to even consider receiving this charge card.

Best American Express Sportsbooks
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Intertops Sportsbook 25% to $100 & $20 Free Bet 5 star usa casino bonuses VISIT

Intertops is one of the main online sportsbooks that accept American Express. Intertops is one of the best USA sportsbooks and they have been improving their reputation every year. A wide variety of bonuses are available, including a free $20 bet, reduced juice, special weekly bonuses, and a deposit rate nearly 100% with all American Express cards. You can even have your payouts delivered rapidly through Intertops. If you want easy deposits, quick withdrawals, and some of the best odds on nearly any sport, than stick with Intertops. Visit Intertops

#2 AmEx Sportsbook AmEx Sportsbook Bonuses Ranking Visit
WagerChief 100% Match To $200 Free 5 star usa casino bonuses VISIT

Our newest sportsbook also happens to be a leading American Express Sportsbook. In just a short amount of time, WagerChief has wowed us. It is because of their great backend and customer service. We're confident they can offer you the service you expect from a leading online company on the front end. In addition, WagerChief has a tremendous 100% matching deposit bonus that is good for up to $200 and it only comes with a 7x rollover. That is a great bonus, better than most other sportsbooks accepting American Express. We encourage anyone wanting a solid online sportsbook to visit WagerChief. They're quickly becoming a favorite of ours and we know they'll win you over too. Visit WagerChief

Differences Between AmEx Sportsbooks & Credit Card Sportsbooks

One of the key differences between American Express cards and standard credit cards can also be considered a draw back. First off, you will have to know that you will most commonly have to pay the balance you accrue in full. This will be due entirely by the end of the month. American Express is also not very common as a deposit method. Furthermore, American Express does sometimes block their players from making gambling deposits, though most legal USA sportsbooks use some of the better payment processors available in order to make sure all payments are spot on. Despite these two slight problems, you will be able to use American Express very easily if you know where the American Express Sportsbooks can be found.