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If you are unfamiliar with the game of bingo, then our online bingo guide is what you will want to read. Bingo is fairly easy to understand, and the learning curve is very small. If you stick to our guide, you should have no trouble taking to the cards and earning yourself some cash. In fact, we have not only included the basic rules of bingo, but we have also added a few hints and tips that will help you win. Finally, we have some of the main differences between live bingo and online bingo. Although the game ultimately comes down to luck, our online bingo guide will help you along from beginning to end.

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Know Your Bingo Card & The Amount Of Numbers In Play

Bingo is a game that can be easily understood. The first step to bingo is receiving your card. Your bingo card will come as a 5x5 card or a 9x3 card, arranged in a grid according to the number of balls being used. This card is the basis of your playing and your winning. Numbers will be called, and you will have to hope that your card contains those numbers. Card selection is merely the tip of the iceberg in our online bingo guide, however.

Following The Call & Importance Of Card Selection

The flow of the game of bingo is very smooth, as there is not that much interactivity between caller, the person calling the numbers, and the player. The caller will call out the numbers and you will have to mark them off on your card. This will depend greatly on the pattern you have selected for your card. Not all cards will win all games, so which card you take will lend a different degree of randomness to your play. Since the numbered balls are totally randomized, every game of bingo you play will be different.

Differences Between Live Bingo & Playing Bingo Online

The main difference between online bingo and live bingo is that online bingo is handled by a computer rather than a person. The computer selects which numbers are to be called. When we were collecting information for the use of our USA bingo guide, we found that this is more efficient. Using a human to call out the numbers leaves much to human error, where as the computer cannot possibly make mistakes. In the event that a mistake does occur, unlikely as it may be, the online bingo hall will fix any problems that may have occurred. Writing our Bingo Guide found that USA online bingo is easily one of the most profitable forms of online gambling.

Another major difference between live and online bingo is that of actually funding your account. Instead of paying cash to enter the tournament, you will have to transfer funds online. Paying for tickets can be done as easily as entering a quick credit card, such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express; an electronic wallet, which is something similar to PayPal; and banking methods, which include drafts, wire transfers, and similar options. These deposit options vary state and capability.

Online Bingo Synopsis

All in all, online bingo is a very easy game to play. All you have to do, in essence, is sign up, which is as easy as offering your e-mail address; enter your banking information, which is completely safe; and you will be ready to play. Logging into your account takes mere minutes, and you will merely have to purchase some cards in order to get into the games. As soon as you do, you will be ready to take to the cards, listen to the numbers, and get into the games. Provided you have at least rudimentary experience with the Internet, you should not have overwhelming trouble playing the games.

Online Bingo FAQ


What are the different deposit methods available?


Refer to our bingo deposit methods page if you need more info on the deposit options available.


Do I have to play for real money?


No. There are many online bingo halls that will allow you to play for free and for fun.


Can I actually win real money through the online bingo sites?


Yes. You can win actual cash if you want to play with the online bingo guide.


Can online bingo sites be trusted?


We cannot say anything about the bingo sites not listed here, but if a bingo site is listed on our page, we can tell you that it is 100% trustworthy.


Is online bingo legal?


In the United States, online bingo is not illegal on a federal level. Each state has its own rules and regulations surrounding online gambling, however, so consult a lawyer before you decide to play bingo online for real money.


How old do I have to be to play online bingo?


The age requirement on online bingo is totally dependent on where you live. In some jurisdictions you have to be 18, while in others you have to be 21.


Best Bingo Rooms You Have To Try


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