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The diversity of bingo stems from the fact that there are hundreds of unique bingo patterns. Bingo patterns are, in the most simple of terms, the spaces you need to cover in order to make your card a winner. There are more variants of cards than the mind can comfortably fathom, and the number of patterns compounds the variability of the game of bingo. These patterns essentially turn the game of bingo into a whole new game, offering new possibilities, outcomes, and victories.

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What Are Bingo Patterns And Why Do They Matter?

Patterns come in several main forms. First and foremost, there are the basic patterns. Basic patterns are easy, and require only a line or two to be made, with the the occasional pattern requiring a box. There are also patterns that cover the alphanumerics - letters, numbers, and even mathematical symbols. These are some of the easier ones, as they are easy to remember. Then there are the "postage stamp patterns." These patterns require that you make a design, but instead of covering the design, you will want to cover everything but the design. There are some more artsy designs, such as making little drawings with your pattern (e.g. a kite or some other type of figure). Finally there are the full houses, which require that you cover all or most of the card. The full houses, also called "coveralls" are some of the highest paying designs available. These are the most common of the diverse bingo patterns.

Examples of Letters and Numbers bingo patterns
- "O"
- "T"
- "U"
- "X"

Examples of Standard bingo patterns
- Straight Line Across
- Straight Line up and Down
- Picture Frame, i.e. around the border
- Diagonal

Examples of Postage Stamp bingo patterns
- Covering Four in one corner
- Covering all but the middle line to make a cross

Example of Full House
- Open Full house, i.e. all but any one square
- Full House, i.e. cover every spot
- Mini full house, i.e. all but two rows

Where Can I Find Sites Offering Bingo With Different Patterns?

Most online bingo sites offer a variety of different Bingo Patterns. We have sifted through the different bingo halls and found that some of them even offer hundreds of patterns for online bingo. You can see that there are usually around 300 available through most of the bingo halls online. In fact, we have only chosen the bingo halls that offer as many patterns as possible.

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